Saturday, January 2, 2010

backup of Macintosh HD tutorial

Here is a manual backup of Macintosh HD step by step:

1.Start Disk Utility
2.Source volume select from the list
3.Right to the tab "Restore Activate
4.source and destination drag and drop to the fields
5.For a 1:1 copy "delete destination media"
6.Click on "Restore" button and confirm
7.copy will start ...

Before the backup process, it is recommended to remove the rights of the source volume and thereby ensure that the destination disk is smaller than the source.

Lock Screen tip

If you want to lock the screen in Mac OS X, there are several ways to do, such as screen saver which provided with a password, and then turn them on demand

My favorite way is to select the keychain in the menu bar. Then click on the lock if necessary, and then click 'Lock Screen'. This is the Windows functionality WINDOWS + L on the next.

To activate the keys in the OSX menu bar, you open the Keychain application settings and selects the view point 'status in menu bar'.

I've always used a different account is created and then changed to this. He then wanted to go back to the password of one and it was like a screen lock. but your tip with the keychain is a lot better.

But I noticed a mistake: "Protecting the screen". I have chosen in the Keychain Access menu bar. Then the screen saver starts, and when I move the mouse, is a login window. I then click on "Cancel" button, while the screen saver comes again, but then again if I move the mouse, is no login window anymore and I find myself in the Finder! What does one say to such a mistake, I think Apple does not otherwise.

iBackup backup Mac data

iBackup is a simple application which can help easily backup and restore your Mac OSX Data. It can create backups of files, folders, applications system settings automatically.
iBackup allows backups as well as on the house or the Internet. The basic system responsible for managing and pre-programmed backups are also possible.
You can also create profiles in which one example a daily backup of emails and takes a different profile, the weekly addition mitsichert iPhoto. Add to that a profile that runs every four weeks and iTunes provides, and we are always on the safe side.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

ifinance for mac review

iFinance is a convenient software for capturing and Dartellung of input and output behavior. You can create multiple accounts and categories to which you want to book and debit. E.g. click on the Account page at a cash account and on the category page on the category of vehicle, the auto-adding an expenditure or revenue item vorgeingestellt.

iFinance allows the management of their own financial budgets. You put its budget a monthly budget to work with and can manage revenues and costs. The budget is exceeded, then the application displays a warning.

Similarly iFinance 3 also offers the support of securities. Thus, stock prices can be queried and the value of the portfolio in mind. Anyone who already owns iFinance 1 or 2, which can be charged on the 3rd Version update. New customers pay for the fair App need 29 Euro. iFinance 3 requires Mac OS X 10.5.

iSquint converts iPod video on Mac

iSquint app for Mac os X can easily convert all kinds of videos for the iPod, but its output format is always .MP4 . It supports many formats, such as FLV, Mov, MP4, DivX, AVI, MP3, VMW, VOB, MPG, etc. If you want to convert videos from Youtube, iSquint provides all the functionality to do in a somewhat more flexible format. I love iSquint! It's so easy to use!

iSquint problem

I use iSquint to convert my videos, but since today it no-longer works. When I drag a video into the box and press release comes with the warning "AppleScript error". Finder has received an error Continue not possible.
Now I thinks it causes by Application Scripting Errors.

MobileRSS iPhone app

If you don't need constantly to use the Safari for surf site to know whether it is news, MobileRSS for iPhone can help you to subscribe to the RSS feeds of your favorite pages on the iPhone. This gave you everything at a glance! Anyone who wants to come quickly read the informations by this iPhone app.

With MobileRSS to make the first native RSS reader on the iPhone wide. MobileRSS is currently still quite error-prone, wants to expand in future versions, but a complete worry-free package for RSS addicts.

Simply adding or deleting already subscribed feeds will then work just as easily as the display of unread messages on the home screen - that is similar to the emails/SMS messages.

Monday, December 28, 2009

just notes mac application

JustNotes is, as the name suggests, a simple application of note taking. With a gorgeous interface, the software integrates into the menu bar, thus remaining accessible at any time.

In addition to writing simple notes, also known JustNotes send them by email if necessary. Its research facilitates the integrated management of many notes and, as long as one is willing to invest a little money. The author made his SimpleNotes compatible application, an iPhone application from another developer.

JustNotes app is still in development and free. It is not necessary to buy the iPhone application to use it.