Monday, November 30, 2009

Vienna - Free RSS reader

Vienna is a free RSS reader. It shows the great qualities of the iTunes user interface that we propose a reader flow RSS efficient and lightweight. An RSS feed allows you to see the title, summary, and link of the article if you want to read the whole. Hence a great time-saver when looking at numerous sites daily !

In conclusion, Vienna is a drive flow which will delight lovers of the style of our apple. The grip is immediate when one knows that iTunes or iPhoto.

The beta version 2.3 now requires Tiger or Leopard to run. I had used Viena for a long time until the discovery of NetNewsWire incomparable with free.

What is its Features:

* Creating Smart Albums
* Integrated Web Browser
* Choose the style of display (downloadable themes by the application)
* Filters Articles
* Numerous sorting options
* Compatible with many applications blog

AppCleaner Uninstall Mac Apps easily

It is easy to uninstall many software for Mac OS X by just dragging and dropping the icon of the software into the trash. But some apps create files in other locations such as /Library. To do that, we often go find all these files one by one to delete.

Don't worry. Try AppCleaner for Mac. AppCleaner is a small application that lets you cleanly and completely remove unwanted applications. It is not enough to simply delete an application. Applications create full of small files on your system and take up unnecessary space on your hard drive. AppCleaner is able to find these files and can delete them. It is very effectively.

Once installed AppCleaner, run the beast. Its interface is very intuitive. To uninstall the app, simply drag and drop the application you want to delete in the marked area. Then AppCleaner seeks all files relating to the application in question with clicking "Remove" button. And your software will be properly deleted.

AppCleaner searches for all software installed on your Mac and you can also uninstall in the Tab Applications. Tab Widgets you have a list of all the widgets installed on your Mac the same way you can uninstall them. It is always advisable to uninstall Widgets are not used to gain disk space & resources. Finally, in the last "Other" tab, you will find a list of plugins, config files, etc.. That you can uninstall.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Panic Desktastic 3 for Mac review

Have you ever dreamed of writing on the screen of your Mac OS? It would be handy to be able to leave a reminder, a gentle word or just use his computer screen as a single slate!

Well dream no more! It is now possible in Mac OS X!

Desktastic is a small utility that enables users to use the mouse as a brush directly on your desktop in Mac OS X. It therefore requires Rosetta to run. Hopefully an update Intel or UB. Its minimum system requirements Mac OS X 10.0 or higher.

Let me reassure you right away. It is not you bring your fat permanent marker and scribble on the surface of your screen! Admittedly, this would probably be very effective, but your screen may not resent... And you would call a "madman"!

The "Desktastic", a little shareware program that lets you use your screen in a very fun and very practical. By launching this application, your screen turns into a "magic slate"! You will be able to write, draw, color, scribble, make sketches or diagrams, in short everything that is possible with a "magic slate ".... And especially do not worry! You can clear everything a single click!

Let us look at it more closely. First, go to the web page editor Desktastic Mac HERE to download this small wonder thing that you can try free for 15 days (also look at the screenshots on this page of the publisher ...). Then you must pay the modest sum of approximately $12.95.

You can even save your scribblings as .Png and then use it to illustrate an email, web page or whatever you want ... You can also print your drawings and of course, if you have a tablet, it will be much easier to use this "virtual hat" to create beautiful designs or write more right! In short, here's something a little fun!

After Launching the application "Desktastic, there is a palette of some round buttons on the screen. It will be enough to click on these buttons and your mouse to grabouillis all you want.

What are these buttons?

* Draw Tool: draw directly on the desktop!
* Width: Stronger line? No problem.
* Text Tool: Type basic text, numbers, notes, etc.
* Opacity: More transparent? Solid? Piece of cake.
* Stamp Tool: Stamp any image all over the screen!
* Color: A pleasing palette of primaries.
* Eraser Tool: Don't worry - we all make mistakes.
* Draw-On-Top Toggle: Draw on top of all windows!

When you use Desktastic, you notice that you no longer have access to your icons, including icons of your scores! If this bothers you, you can define a "dividing line" that an area not covered by Desktastic. With your mouse cursor, you can move the dotted line at your convenience.
To display this line, go to Preferences and select "Use Desktop Separation Line", then click "OK".
You can also choose between two colors dotted line in the same preferences ("Separation line color").

DropCopy - share iPhone files wirelessly

DropCopy makes iPhone file sharing easily. Like its desktop cousin, the mobile version of DropCopy has the easiest way to send files simply between any combination of the iPhone, iPod Touches and Macintosh computers on your local wireless network and worldwide via the Internet.

DropCopy is so cool. You can transfer your files from one iPhone to another iPhone without a computer involved. The devices can simply "see each other" when they are on the same wifi network.

DropCopy mobile also includes a quick view to see the function of many types of document and multimedia, including MP3, MOV, PDF and DOC, right on your iPhone!

You can also access your iTunes library on the iPhone with DropCopy.

Note: with the version 1.0 will be allowed to "approve transfers" for the moment. In seeking to make the safe transfer, we have become too safe and rejects dropcopy mistakendly transfers which are not expressly "approved". This has already been set and will come as a free update within a week!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

1Password for Mac

1Password is an original software to develop an unlimited number of passwords, grouped under the protection of one. The principle is the same as the ring, much to the difference of integration with browsers, and management of multiple identities. What the keychain does not allow you .

1Password is a separate application. We must set a password (different from the session), and then we can create as many passwords not that memorable sites.

1Password will thus create a 2nd ring, encrypted, located in the keychain file from your library, which will allow synchronization and backup at the same time as the main bunch.

Each form is linked to a URL. It may well have multiple forms per page (for example, to use webmail when you have several mail boxes).
It is thus an anti-phishing tool, because if you're on a fake site, 1Password does not issue you a form.

1Password for IPhone/iPod Touch review

1Password is a free program that is appeared very quickly after the opening of the AppStore. 1Password can store passwords and other confidential data in a secure area protected by a password on your iPhone/iPod Touch.

The software is available on the iTunes Store until December 1 for $0.00 .

Remind that it is extremely dangerous to store passwords and other confidential codes in the application notes of the iPhone, which can be accessed by anyone if the iPhone is ready and worst lost!

So enjoy the free and I likes this software.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Copilot live iphone review

Copilot Live is such a program that tells you where to go to a specific place while driving and you will say out loud so you do not miss. That is, what is already more or less everyone knows as a "GPS".

The most important of these features is the program work that is synchronized correctly with the satellites, which the instructions are clear and precise, and finally we reach the desired place.

We have informally tested on a trip around one island, we have to a very pretty village in the northwest of the island from which ferries depart to Tenerife. We have not had any problems. Copilot Live has guided us perfectly there.

Copilot Live is a serious alternative to TomTom and Navigon, because it is cheaper and works well. Also not missing anything. The options are endless as you can see in the catch, here's some features:

* Voice guidance turn by turn
* Detailed maps stored on the iPhone
* Very clear view in 3D and 2D with variable zoom and street names
* Navigating to a house number, street, intersection or contact
* Automatic switching between portrait and landscape view
* Full preparation and preview travel
* Optimization of routes to multiple destinations
* Continuous guidance in tunnels and subways
* Automatic day/night
* Sailing to thousands of points of interest
* Displays traffic signals as they appear on the road

The only thing I liked the program is the menu navigation. There are many options and is easy to get lost in the meantime both menu and icon. In addition, the keyboard is not qwerty, typing becomes very uncomfortable, but fortunately in the next version update this detail, as they have in the program updates with maps of other countries.

Rat on the Run: nice platform iPhone Game

Rat On The Run for iPhone is a game of classic cut platforms with great gameplay and atmosphere.

The goal is to help an adorable little mouse to get pieces of cheese while avoiding the dangers. The operation couldn't be simpler. You just have to jump, because when the mouse starting to walk does not stop until it finds a stop sign. It is very well thought out.

It has the classic obstacles of this type of game, such as spiders falling from the ceiling or spikes coming out of the ground. To jump just press the screen anywhere. If pressed longer, the jump would be longer.

Includes an addictive game, 'Rat on the Scooter', where our little mouse goes on a motorbike, and we have to jump from platform to platform grabbing the pieces of cheese.

No objective, just try to endure as long as possible while accelerates, my record was 15 pieces of cheese, and have been hooked for a while.

Now it is a free games for a limited time.

Mini squadron iphone Game

Mini Squadron is a frantic shooter on the iPhone. It offers arcade shooter style game in 2D with 8 levels of increasing difficulty with multiple stages in each. There are 50 unlockable aircraft progressively with different handling. You should use weapons throughout the game.

Its features include:

* Over 50 planes to unlock.
* 8 levels of intense combat each with several levels of enemies to overthrow
* 7 different types of weapons used, including Homing Missiles, planting bombs.
* You can shoot ducks, gulls, UFOs, Devil Plans and more!
* Gameplay simple but physics-based fluid.
* More than 8 different pick-ups to push their plane.
* Play with Local WiFi Multiplayer.

ShopSavvy for iphone free Application

At last, after having been waiting a while, the owners of an iPhone can download and use the application ShopSavvy, a barcode scanner.

With the help of this application, we can find the best prices on the internet and the nearest shops which sell the products we are most interested.

To use the application ShopSavvy, nothing as simple as pointing the camera viewfinder of our iPhone on a bar code that accepts the standard UPC, EAN or ISBN.

After you start with scaning, ShopSavvy will immediately show all the shops where we can find the product and displays a comparative price list they have for that item in different stores online and offline.

If you choose the physical store which can be called directly, you can activate the GPS-distance and route to get there.

ShopSavvy can works both in the first generation iPhone and the 3G and the 3GS from the iphone apps store introduction.

I've downloaded it with no problem, but does not work in the iPhone 3G. Perhaps the problem lies with the camera, since it does not focus at all well, and it's impossible to tell how many stripes are there and the thickness of these.
Maybe it work well in Iphone 3GS.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Update Mac Applications manually by AppFresh with Snow Leopard

Do you spend many time updating your Mac applications in Snow Leopard? If you want to update your applications manually, try AppFresh software. AppFresh Keep your applications (suach as widgets, preference panes and application plugins installed on your Mac) update and fresh.

How does AppFresh work?
It would checke the excellent for new versions. Then download and install available updates manually.

Once you have download this software, you need to unzip it and copy it into your Mac Application folder.

I tried it and was able to get it working on snow leopard by clearing out the ~/Library/Application Support/AppFresh and reinitializing everything. It Works fine on my Snow Leopard.

Once having available update, AppFresh will label the software with blue arrow and indicate to update them.

Google Earth for mac leopard

Google Earth for iPhone allows you to find the main features of the desktop version of the software in a redesigned interface to suit the specifics of the iPhone.

Google has updated its application Google Earth for iPhone, now in version 2.0. For this new version, the program is mainly the possibility of syncrhoniser about her custom maps developed from the desktop version of the application. To enjoy it, simply log into the iphone using your Google Account. Then you can view the maps through "My Maps" Interface. Now Holding the world in the palm of your hand.

Everything is very responsive and smooth and no bugs to report! Downloading images may take a bit longer depending on your connection.

Google Earth for iPhone allows you to do:

* Show mountainous tilting your iPhone.
* Catalog photos from around the world with Panoramio.
* See Wikipedia articles related to specific places.
* Locate where you are with the My Location.

For the firm in Mountain View, the main advantage of Google Earth carried on a mobile phone resides in the local search capabilities built into the software. These allow for example to locate a bar or restaurant in its immediate surroundings. For now, no advertising is associated with this search, but Google should eventually find a way to monetize this service, as it already does in Google Maps, which will soon be adorned with the "Stret View" in iPhone version.

If your Mac run on Mac OS X Leopard (10.5.x), there is only versions of Google Earth 4.2 or newer Compatibility with Mac OS X Leopard. If upgraded to Leopard, download the latest versions of Google Earth at the links below:

Free version: Earth-Free
Pro version: Earth-Pro

Multifunction Utility - OnyX for Mac OS X

Onyx for Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) is a multifunction utility that helps us to verify the boot disks, the file system structure, clean the cache and more. And Onyx allow us to bring a Mac maintenance to remove all excess quickly, easily and highly. It's the one I use in one day is very perfect and I also can activate some hidden features of Mac OS.

The latest version of Onyx is compatibility with Mac OS 1.4.10 and has been optimized its code so that run more faster.
This free program is fully functional and also recommended recently updated beta version offers more choices but causes some problems with the system. For that reason you should download Onyx 1.9.5 for Leopard from until it solve some errors with the new beta.

What's News:
* User Reports diagnosis and separate systems
* Enable/disable menus Statement
* Show/Hide the Spotlight icon
* Check at launch if the account is administrator
* Help updated and reindexed

Onyx tutorial

Once you start with Onyx first, it will ask you your password. Because you can only use onyx with an admin password. After your password is supplyed, you can find 8 tabs/panels in its window: Appearance, maintenance, cleaning, automation, history/logs, utilities, info and preferences.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Littlesnapper mac review

Now RealMac decided to propose its application LittleSnapper free for a limited time. LittleSnapper is tool that allows capture, annotate, and organise screenshots from ypur Mac desktop and share the pictures online. In other words, the utility lets Tagguer take an image from the photo gallery of the iPhone/iPod touch or a website (via a screenshot) and then share them via Twitter or by e-mail. It is possible to give a title, description, notes and of course, one or more tags to an image.

With the service-house QuickSnapper, we have the ability to upload and store their photos online for reuse. Why not try the LittleSnapper version for Mac!

The iPhone version is now available free on the App Store for a limited time. Then, the application will increase to €2.99. The iPhone application is very successful, and be very partique.

License: Shareware
System requirements: Mac OS 10.5.

little snitch mac review

Have you enabled a firewall on your mac os x 10.6? Do you feel so completely safe on the Internet? Maybe your snow leopard have a virus, an anti-spyware or an anti-spam, but you don't know. So some information out of your Mac are transmitted without your knowledge (with without your consent or elsewhere) to others via the Internet! What is this information? Mostly it is information of some applications you have installed on your beautiful Mac!

Little Snitch is a small program that will protect you against these intolerable intrusion into your privacy. This little program effectively controls everything that leaves your computer to a network such as the Internet. It is Compatibility with Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, 10.5 Leopard and 10.4 Tiger.

It detects any attempt to effect "abnormal" connection on specific port when an Internet connection and notify you immediately with a warning window. And then you can decide if you accept the communication data or not!

As we know, Little Snitch is not a antivirus software which can prevent, detect, and remove malware, including computer viruses, worms, and trojan horses. Unlike some programs such as "clamxav snow leopard" or "MacScan" that detect and neutralize malicious programs from outside (internet) and installed without your knowledge on your Mac os, Little Snitch controls all outgoing connections from your Mac, What you can control, and whether to allow these connections. It is a tool that provides a necessary complement.

Little Snitch costs about €25, but you can test it for free in demo mode. In demo mode, the application will stop after three hours and you must restart your Mac! If you had a serial number for version1 of "Little Snitch", you can upgrade it for just about €10.

Download Little Snitch 2.2 for Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard here:

Once the software is downloaded, simply double click the installer to enable the installation of "Little Snitch" (It will ask for your administrator password).

Regarding the setting, it is always possible to immediately create additional rules itself in "Little Snitch", but I will leave this option for more experienced users. To use both optimal and simplified, it is best to leave "Little Snitch" to do everything himself! It's so simple that it will learn by yourself what are the connections allowed or not!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The FM radio on iPhone 3GS?

The integrated Bluetooth chip in the iPhone 3GS is capable of managing an FM tuner. Apple would develop software to exploit this opportunity. The application may be even recognize the song that is spirited move to offer this for download on iTunes.

Some of the best Tips for Mac

* Change login background

As with Windows, you can also change the wallpaper of the login of your Mac, but the steps vary if your Mac OS X Tiger or Leopard.
For that is the Tiger, the login screen in Mac OS X 10.4 screen displays as the following image: Library/Desktop Pictures/AquaBlue.jpg. For this reason, any image in that folder will be displayed on the login.
In the event that is Leopard, the image changes to the folder /System/Library/CoreServices/DefaultDesktop.jpg. You must rename the image you want to put the name of DefaultDesktop.jpg.

* Use PHP on your Mac OS X 10.4

Sometimes you need to use PHP, for example when we test our website.Therefore, we must do the following:

1. Start Terminal and type pico /etc/httpd/httpd.conf.
2. Scroll through the text file with the command Ctrl + v and Ctrl + y.
3. Here, in section # Dynamic Shared Object (DSO) Support for the line # LoadModule php4_module libexec/httpd/ and removes only the #.
Do the same in the section: # AddModule mod_php4.c.
Finally, save the document by pressing Ctrl + o, and finally out of there by pressing Ctrl + x.

* Hidden Files or Folders

If you have a Mac in accessing other people simply want to have some privacy, and want to hide certain files or folders, try to open a terminal window, type chflags hidden in it, and the Finder UBICATE in that file or folder To hide. Once you have selected, drag it to the terminal before the command you just wrote.
Press Enter and you are all completed.

* Capture your Mac screen

If you want to capture a screen, you can use the command Command + Shift +3 to capture the whole entire screen, or if you want to select only a part, use the command Command + Shift + 4.

iPhone 3G S review: prices and availability

And finally, although in a sense, one might almost say that it was expected, the company Apple announced one of the most anticipated products of the year: the new iPhone.

However, as we were counting from the end of last May, was expected, almost certainly, Apple unveiled its new iPhone.

It has already been baptized with the technical name of iPhone 3.0S, and apparently, this new terminal will be twice as fast as his "little brother", and will turn a video camera integrated.

One of the technical features which has attracted the attention of the users is known as "voice control", which would use the phone using only your voice, without using the touch screen.

Also, apparently supports the downloading of large amounts of multimedia content in half the time than its predecessor, according to Apple itself has said.

The Prices and availability of the iPhone 3.0S

In regard to price and availability of the new iPhone 3.0S itself, apparently in the United States will cost $199 with 16GB memory, and $299 with a slightly larger memory capacity of 32GB of storage. That yes, if-of course-the user to acquire a contract with the carrier AT&T.

Monday, November 23, 2009

MacTheRipper - Free DVD Ripping Software for Mac

MacTheRipper is one of the best useful free DVD ripping program on Mac OS. MacTheRipper allows us to rip DVDs and pass to our hard drive.

Copying DVDs with MacTheRipper on a hard drive leaving them unprotected and region controls. Then we can burn our own DVDs or pass it to other formats.

Rip DVDs is a good measure to make backups of our DVDs and to avoid wear and have it always in the best conditions.

Download MacTheRipper

Update: If you use this program you to know that leaves a trace on your computer that you have ripped DVD's.
To prevent that info, stay there, there KILL THE RIPPER program that eliminates all this information hidden.

Keywurl - Browsing in Safari keywords

Keywurl is a plugin for Safari that adds keyword search to the browser’s location bar. And Keywurl will save us considerable time to find the sites we usually visit regularly.

If for example we often look at wikipedia, instead of having to enter ... search ... Wikipeda with Keywurl installed, type in the navigation bar "wiki elections" and directly leads us to the elections page on Wikipedia.

It is also highly configurable and free.
Download Keywurl

OneButton FTP - FTP Client for Mac easier

To connect to FTP servers and I have always used Transmit CaptainFTP. They were the ones I say convinced.

But if you do not need too many options for connection types and etc, you might come in handy OneButton FTP.

The interface is simple and very useful. We just asked the server, the username and password. We can connect and download files.

To upload just have to drag files from Finder into the window.

Download OneButton FTP

Airport Flow: Controlling the traffic of your Airport Extreme

Now I will introduce a utility. It is very helpful for us if we see traffic moving on our Mac via Airport Extreme Connection.

Airport Flow can show both incoming traffic (top) and outbound traffic (bottom). Also We can set preferences in the router's IP. It also lets us see the number of clients connected to Airport Extreme.

Airport Flow is useful if for example we use our Mac for gateway and share internet wirelessly.

Download Airport Flow Airport Flow

DVD Hunter - Order your DVD collection on your Mac

DVD Hunter is a free application that helps us have ordered our collection of DVDs on the Mac and it is only in English.

Its interface is very appealing and intuitive as it is based on the design of iTunes, well known by all.

DVD Hunter is fully compatible with both the agenda and with iCal.

Although perhaps the most interesting features are the ability to get movie information automatically through the Internet.

Official site: DVD Hunter

ooVoo Video conferencing between Mac and PC

ooVoo is a free program that can do video conferencing between Mac and PC.

We have a conversation with up to 5 users simultaneously. And one of the coolest options is that you can send video messages to other offline contacts.

It also allows us to record our video chat sessions.

They just get a Mac version and you're having lots of followers.

Official site:

An increasing number of users of Safari on PC

Although Safari still has a very small presence in the PC world, the statistics start to change.

With Safari 3.0, Apple had a constant 0.07% of users, but with Safari 3.1 the numbers have risen to 0.21%.

It is clear that Apple has to keep working hard to try to dent Internet Explorer and Firefox, which grows daily dretimento browser in Windows.

I land on the Mac using the latest beta of Firefox 3, but for some pages that have a problem, throw in Safari.

IPhone 2.2 and Google Street View

As we all know, technology is advancing by leaps and bounds and follow it is a task that Apple has decided to do since birth, either in terms of hardware and software, and has been doing steadily, which has earned its reputation .

It is for that reason that the firm has already begun to make the distribution of the beta 2.2 firmware for its iPhone, with several changes and improve upon the version that preceded it, which we had seen several changes, such as spaces separate searches in the address bar in Safari browser interface.

In this new version, continue forward and you can see changes as the expected inclusion in the Google Streetview Maps application that brings the iPhone. But at the same time it is presumed that the SDK supports audio input through a line input or line-in ".

Likewise, bloggers are a bit unhappy because Apple is not included in this version the function to be able to "copy & paste" or copy and paste while using the operating system, while the ability to reproduce and use Flash in Safari.

While Apple is moving in the right direction by adding various improvements and popular applications, users no longer know how to reach the company needs to have in these two aspects as important.

Cycorder: Application to record video on iPhone

Another of the great disappointments of the iPhone launch was its lack of video recording. There was already an occasional application for recording video on the terminal, but the advent of firmware 2.0 and changing the Installer version, made many of these applications were lost.

However, applications began to appear on the iPhone: Cycorder is a very good video recorder with a more than acceptable quality at a good rate ... but for now, it still does not record sound.

The interface is very minimalistic and has a screen where you see the videos you've recorded previously. Depending on the ambient light, we can record videos up to 15 fps, and is encoded at once, so we have to wait for post-processing the video once recorded.

To install it, come into Cydia to the tab "Search" and search by program name: Cycorder.

Change the root password on the iPhone, the danger of worms

Charlie Miller, a leading expert in the field of security of Mac

and lately known for discovering the bug for the safety of SMS on

the iPhone, has said that people who have the iPhone with the

Jailbreak done, you should seriously worry from time.

"Miller admitted that the security created by Apple is very

efficient, and it's really hard to get on a phone, but the

Jailbreak has destroyed all these protections, which allows any

user the ability to create worms, as it turned up these last days.

For this reason, Miller, announced that in the coming months may

witness a rise in attacks on all iPhones that have performed the


So to increase the security of your iPhone is desirable to change

the password (pasword), the iphone is by default, to enter in your

root SSH (root).

For those who want to make the change (I have already done ...),

nothing else has to follow these instructions:

* Install the Mobile Terminal from Cydia through the repository

Telesphoreo Tangelo (of Saurik)
* Open Mobile Terminal and put the following commands:
su root (intro)
alpine (intro)
passwd (intro)

* We will then appear the following:
"Changing password for root"

* We ask you to put the new Pasword, we put ... (intro)
* Now we ask you to repeat, what we throw ... (intro)
* Once we have already made the change password
* We need only remember because if you ever use the Terminal.

Change password SSH from Terminal

Much has been said lately about the security of the iPhone with

the Jailbreak done. A major security problems is that we usually

leave the password "alpine" when we installed the SSH, which would

allow anyone to steal a little hustler and modify files to your


Therefore we will explain how to change the password:

1.Go to Cydia MobileTerminal.
2.Open MobileTerminal.
3.Tecleamos (without quotes): "su". if you do not work try "login

4.Introducimos now password "alpine".
5.Ahora type: "passwd".
6.Y then we put the password you want and we give the key "enter".

To change the password to the mobile user (ie so that the iPhone

is even more secure):

1.Open MobileTerminal.
2.Ahora type: "passwd".
3.y then we put the password you want and we give the key "enter".
And we will have the new password and our iPhone will be more


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Emulate iPod Classic from iPhone or iPod Touch

The multimedia capabilities of Apple products are well recognized as an excellent interaction between devices of the brand, so many software developers spend their days working to create quality applications.

Two of these developers, called Emilio Pelaez and Christian Baroni, in the programming and graphics respectively, are working to give life to iClassic project, which is an emulator for iPod Classic for iPhone and iPod Touch.

This application is also able to index and review of the iPhone music library as a whole, which is what ultimately makes the iPod Classic.

Similarly, developers have reported they are not looking for a way to play video with this same application, so this would only be counting on the ability to play music so far and further notice.

This application that emulates the features of the iPod Classic with its graphical interface would be sent for sale on the App Store and Cydia Store in short time and the modest price of $ 1.99 so we can all enjoy it.

However, it is expected to be a controversy as to whether Apple would not allow such applications, or emulate their products in other devices, but users also have Cydia jailbreak for this type of situation.

Therefore be quite difficult to see in the App Store iClassic in our opinion, but will undoubtedly be one of the most popular iPod applications.

Download Spotify for Mac

Now I know the existence of Spotify, an insurance application on which you've heard a lot, but about which many users have written, especially to hear about it.

Spotify is a program that offers the possibility that, through a simple search you can hear the theme you want, when you want it more.

Stresses mainly because it's easy to use, along with his servers are full of content. Not to mention the quality of the files, which frankly are magnificent.

With this program, as well as hear the theme song you want, you can search and then create your own playlists, and even share the convenience of your home with others.

Therefore, it is an ideal application for those people who are passionate about music and who use their Macs to play many musical content.

Since there may be less, you can download for Mac Spotify free, allowing you to use without any additional cost.

Download Spotify for Mac

Download Skype for Mac OS X free

While it is true that until recently was sometimes even tedious to use because they either intersect the communication, or the connection is dropped if combined with video call, it seems that since these are problems that are in the past.

For this main reason, surely at some point you have wondered how you can download Skype for Mac free, so you will not lie idle in your beloved Mac We'll explain how below.

As I previously commented in a somewhat summary, Skype for Mac is the best option if you want to make calls from PC to PC with friends or family totally and absolutely free.

In this sense, one might almost say that this is an application that even works as a virtual phone, because when you receive a warning call and you answer the call or not.

As I indicated, the guys from Skype have developed a fully compatible version for Mac, and you can use for quite some time.

Do not forget, though, that to be a free application, you can try as many times as you want, and uninstall it whenever you want without you assume that your use at no cost.

Download Skype for Mac free

Friday, November 20, 2009

Update to Leopard Cause Blue screen

Before yesterday, when I was upgrading from Tiger to Leopard I had a more or less unpleasant incident ... Once the installation was completed successfully and rebooted the system, a nice blue screen gave me the 'welcome'.

Fortunately I had the most important files to another hard disk, if not ...
I thought it would be just my thing and should be simply to bad luck, but apparently there are many more people with this problem. The cause seems clear, and the blue screen on Leopard because Tiger had something 'retouched'.

For my part all I had was some icons of the modified system and Leopard was 'cock a mess' upgrading.

If you have applications such as Application Enhaced (users would blame mostly) save your data before upgrading.

Mac OS X Update 10.5.1

Apple today launched the first update to Leopard. In less than 1 month of Apple workers have been the batteries to further polish to Leopard.

The update comes Cargadito and are involved: Airport, Disk Utility, iCal, Mail, Print, Web, Firewall, Time Machine, Spotlight and other system upgrades.

Perhaps the biggest improvement and most remarkable is that Mac OS X 10.5.1 addresses the issue of data loss when moving files on partitions in the Finder.

It's funny how Apple's note of the update refers to this ruling as a 'potential problem'
The update weighs 39,8 MB and is available in Software Update.

The update to 10.5.1 I have not solved any of the bugs that suffered and still suffers from my iMac G5 has been a total disappointment, do not say things that are not have been solved, but my team will suffer the same or worse:

Disk Utility should withdraw the estimated time served for 1 minutes left to say when they are 15! The files with permission issues have switched from typical and single ARD a huge list.

I still can boot the operating system on a disk via firewire boot disk (this has always worked perfectly in Tiger).

Connects to Windows computers automatically when it chooses not therefore appear in the Finder, and when it does or forces you to detect PCs still says connect as Guest.

Quick Look plugin that displays the contents of directories

Quick Look is a feature of Leopard that more use. It's tremendously useful that you can view the content of images, PDFs, text files ... without having to open the particular program that opens it. You save much time.

While it is true that home, Quick Look is not perfect. When you type 'space' (the key to activate Quick Look) on a directory only shows the directory name, date modified and little else.

Luckily a plugin that has left us with a list of the contents of a directory in Quick Look very detailed. Even gives us the opportunity to show hidden files


1. Download the plugin here
2. Folder .qlgenerator file inside /Library/QuickLook/
3. Go to the Finder and you click on a directory

Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi for iTunes

If you like the company Creative, as surely know, one of the companies (I said one) best known in the field of development and manufacturing of audio cards of a certain quality, then you're in luck.

And if you like Creative, also has a Mac (although it is not required), and with some regularity normally use Apple's iTunes application, then you're even more.

To our knowledge these days thanks to the UberReview portal, Creative section for testing and developing new products, Creative Labs, have brought to sell a product that, among other things, would seek to address the current Apple Airport Express.

Following the popular Soundblaster sound cards, the company has submitted the Sound Blaster X-Fi for iTunes, a transmitter which, as its name implies, has been specially designed for use with iTunes.

This transmitter USB allows audio streaming from our present to any team we have in our home (or workplace) connected to a wireless receiver that, incidentally, will be sold separately.

It features X-Fi technology, which ensures a higher quality when playing MP3 files, and this transmitter can be used seamlessly with, for example, TS20W Gigaworks speakers.

South Park will come soon to your iPhone

If you are a follower of the popular innate South Park, and also has an iPhone, then we have a very good news for you.

As we have known through the website Boing Boing, apparently soon will submit a formal application of this series.

Other issues will be a program compatible with the iPhone which can be downloaded on iTunes, and allow the user to access a wealth of resources.

For example, downloading video clips, news, wallpapers, pictures ... and much more content.

For now we can enjoy only a demonstrative image of this application, we "help" to get an idea of some of its salient features.

Moreover, we have to wait a bit, since the application in question will not be available on iTunes for another time.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mariner Calc for iPhone's Excel

In the last WWDC Mariner software company unveiled a new application that expects to have ready for the opening of the App Store. Mariner Calc is a tool that would be the Excel, but for the iPhone.

This application was heard for the first time because I was already working on Mac OS X, but now the idea is to pass it to Apple's mobile device.

He said that Mariner Calc software will support multiple sheets per document, also are available for display graphics, objects, will have up to 1 million rows by 32,000 columns, I think enough little things necessary to take your there.

In the future Mariner boys want their program for the iPhone can sync perfectly with your desktop application which can see very well, because he always comes to be complicated build an Excel spreadsheet on a phone like this - talking about large amounts of data .

EA Mobile releases 3 games for the Apple iPhone App Store

It seems that once released, will not stop talking the iPhone 3G. Or at least, of developments outside companies to develop exclusively for Apple's popular terminal.

And just this week that if you approached the presentation of a Bluetooth adapter or even an extra battery for this phone, now the news are not just a physical device.

Specifically, because the well-known game development company EA (Electronic Arts) has just released for sale on the Apple App Store a total of 3 games for both the iPhone itself and iPod Touch, all through its subsidiary EA Mobile.

The games in question are Scrabble, Sudoku and Tetris, as well known by all.

In addition, for the month of September, EA Mobile will bring to market the game Spore, which will also be available through the Apple App Store.

Download VLC Media Player for Mac OS

From Amule to MacTubes, through LimeWire as one of the most used applications by many readers who follow us daily.

For example, let us download videos MacTubes portals increase these types of files like Youtube and also will allow viewing even subscribe to video channels on Youtube to view comfortably on your desktop.

There is also another very complete multimedia player that not only is compatible with all types of media files to bring your own package of codecs, but also lets you play a good number of files both audio and video.

The above application is called VLC Media Player, and then we'll explain how to download VLC Media Player for Mac, at no cost to be a freeware program.

As I discussed in the preceding very brief, VLC Media Player is a complete multimedia player that offers the ability to play a lot of file formats.

It also has support for HD (so fashionable lately, and no doubt will become the future of multimedia playback), and various options such as going back frame by frame, or instant pause.

Download VLC Media Player for Mac

Programs incompatible with the Snow Leopard

Through the portal MacWorld we have learned that, just days ago, the company Apple has decided to publish a list of programs that are incompatible with Snow Leopard.

As surely as you could see, especially if Snow Leopard installed some time ago and I've tried for weeks, there are some applications that do not work quite right with this new version of Mac OS X.

Not for nothing, surely you've noticed that if you have previously installed these updates before upgrading to the new version of the system, the installer takes care of itself move to a folder called Software Incompatible.

Here's the programs which are incompatible with Snow Leopard.

* Norton AntiVirus 11.0
* Parallels Desktop 2.5 (and earlier)
* Internet Cleanup 5.0.4
* VirusScan 8.6
* AT&T Laptop Connect Card 1.0.4, 1.0.5 and 1.10.0
* Internet Cleanup 5.0.4
* Launch2net 2.13.0
* UX8 TonePort Driver 4.1.0
* Silicon Image SiI3132 Drivers
* Application Enhancer 2.0.1 (and earlier)
* Missing Sync for Palm Sony CLIE Driver 6.0.4
* ioHD Driver 6.0.3

However, it should be noted that it is possible that many of the companies that develop these programs is in charge of making viable these programs to work seamlessly with the new version.

Doubler XL Megapixel Camera for Iphone

An interesting application to come, it is Camera XL - Megapixel Doubler. And as its name suggests, doubles the size of the quality of the photos, we can transform our photo depending on the iPhone. I have for example in the iPhone 2G and 3G 2mpx photos can transform a 4 mpx and 3G in the pictures of 3Mpx can transform into 6 mpx.

Call of Duty: World at War Zombies Iphone & Ipod Touch

Call of Duty: World at War Zombies is a new game made for the Iphone and Ipod Touch, this action game contains the maps of the zombies "Untoten der Nacht" (Night of the Living Dead), where you'll fight enemies and dead zone, built barricades in the place and do not let them eat.

Supports up to four players via Wi-Fi and two players via Bluetooth, you expect to kill some zombies.

Frenzy Castle Iphone & Ipod Touch App

Being a tower defense game, Gameloft's Castle Frenzy for Iphone & Ipod Touch is now defending the App Store.

This game is highly recommended, really very good, the new Gameloft 3D graphics, good sound quality gameplay and extreme fun. I laughed a lot, and enjoyed a few hours.

The way the game is very interesting, moving his fingers and destroy the enemy at a time, many ways to eliminate them, against them, throwing, stripped of their weapons and more.

A highly recommended game.

Now Castle Frenzy priced $1.99, €1.59 or £1.19.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Apple Rejects Google Voice App

Although it may seem a bit unbelievable, today we have learned that Apple has decided to remove all applications from the App Store based on Google Voice technology, without considering that some were already on sale from just weeks ago, or even had been previously approved.

As surely know, Google Voice allows the United States have a single telephone number associated with so many different numbers we want, and divert calls from one terminal to another or even block nuisance calls.

It is true that the service is in beta since Google bought nearly two years ago the company that developed it, GrandCentral.

In any case, users who were able to use it, however, had made only positive reviews to the same, and in fact we can find versions designed for Android or BlackBerry.

However, the excuse that Apple has to try to justify this elimination is that the double features of the iPhone application, which could confuse users.

However, since other sources our colleagues, have raised the possibility that the real cause may be the pressure exerted by the operator AT & T at the prospect of losing control of their customers because of Google.

Is it possible that Apple could reconsider the decision and allow this application may be available through the App Store? Time will tell ... but we think it is very difficult.

Microsoft Messenger for Mac OS

You probably know already that one of the programs or instant messaging applications used in recent years (and has to his credit with millions of users all over the world), is the Microsoft Messenger, now called under the name Windows Live Messenger.

But since some versions ago, Mac users who have already can not keep wanting to chat with your friends on your Apple computer.

This is because Microsoft has developed a fully compatible with Mac version of Microsoft Messenger.

Microsoft Messenger for Mac

This new version you can download Microsoft Messenger for Mac comes in Spanish, and finally offers some of the functions expected by many users: video and audio support (although only for those who have a Office Communications Server).

Another novelty of this new application is its integration of Apple's Bonjour technology, and a renewed design that may remind many of Office 2008.

It also includes various functions that establish a communication environment safer, thanks to support for the server Live Communications Server as well as connectivity to other IM networks like AOL, AIM, MSN, iChat and Yahoo.

You can download Microsoft Messenger for Mac for free, so that now you can also chat with your friends and colleagues.

Download Microsoft Messenger Mac

Free Download Torrent for Mac OS

There is no doubt that the BitTorrent protocol is one of the most widely used to share any type of files on the Internet with hundreds of thousands of users virtually around the world.

As surely meet, especially if you're a reader who tends to use a lot of these programs and share many files on the network, more and more applications that exist for that purpose.

Alongside that, likewise, is also greater the number of users who tend to use much these applications, particularly for sharing files with others.

But although they are older programs that currently exist for Windows, especially those that serve torrent download, did you know that there are ways to download Torrent for Mac for free? Here's how.

Download Torrent for Mac free

First, par torrent to download Mac, you need look, especially for download properly, do not you think?.

In this sense there is a program called River which allows you to do it as comfortable as simple. Just open it and you will see a window where you can put what you want to search.

Once you have downloaded the file. Torrent, you can use Transmission to download without problems. To do this, so you just double-clicking the file will open this application and begin downloading.

Download River

Download Adobe Photoshop CS3 for Mac

Adobe Photoshop Surely you will meet as one of the most well-known within the graphic design and image retouching.

And after some time revamping its product line, presents his version of Adobe Photoshop CS3 for Mac, so you can enjoy on your Mac of all developments and elements of this spectacular and useful application.

On this occasion, and as we will discuss over the next few lines, Adobe Photoshop CS3 comes with a number of improvements that come to affect all aspects of the world of imaging and photography.

Download Adobe Photoshop CS3 for Mac

Some of the main news of this version we find the redesigned interface, more unique and customizable than previous versions.

Were also carried out a number of significant improvements in image editing, as well as better management in regard to the different features of graphics tablets.

Allows you to save multiple combinations of layers in the same file as Layer Comps, allowing you to explore different types of configurations for a single user designs.

The version presented below is functional for a period of 2 days, and to need a license to install Photoshop CS2 to enjoy this version without time limit.

The European Commission forced Apple to limit the volume of their devices

Now the European commission has published a new effective way in the European Union, from which the company will force Apple to reduce the maximum volume of their players to a somewhat more "safe" for hearing health users.

This measure does not affect devices that are already on the market, and that Apple should have changed, but that deal only with the next and future releases.

This new standard is born with a clear objective: to try to reduce hearing damage caused different music media players with a considerably high.

And less, therefore, the consequences of the same on all users, which according to various studies and investigations undertaken, affecting between 5 and 10% of people (approximately 10 million users).

Elaborating a bit more in this new standard, it states that you should not listen to music at 80 decibels beyond 40 hours a week.

That yes, the sound at 85 decibels will not hear more than 5 hours a week, something that many people fail as we can see in places as crowded as a market or a bus.

We'll have to wait awhile to see how this measure is taken in society, and whether or not actually have the "incidence" that really should have.

Download the best Gmail Notifier for Mac OSX

A few days ago I explained how to sync your Gmail with iPod and iPod Touch through a few simple and easy steps.

As I explained in that article, at first I started to use with some reluctance, I would lie if I say that I could not live without Gmail, mainly because I think it is, for now, in one of the best services electronic mail free of all that exists at this time.

But for work, I tend to have it connected almost all day, on par with ease of use allows me to use it in a quick, easy, simple and above all very comfortable.

If they tend to use with some use their Gmail email account, now we're going to echo a very interesting and useful application called Notify.

Download Notify for Mac

Notify is a simple application that functions as a reporter (hence its name), and automatically alerts us when new emails are received in our account.

With it you can monitor several accounts at once, which is undoubtedly welcome, and review its contents either every minute or every quarter hour.

By clicking on the Notify icon in the menu bar you can view a summary of the contents of your new post, which is extremely useful to be able to check if the mail is or is not interesting.

Download Notify

Free Download Adium for Mac OS

There is a program (just downloaded a diverse number of users) that can serve precisely to chat comfortably with family and friends: Adium.

Adium is a simple instant messaging program, which tends to weigh little, and hardly consumes system resources, unlike other similar applications.

It is that a customer is truly unique, offering you a virtually total control not only on that application in itself, but the contacts.

Alongside that, incidentally, alerts you of new messages you received or that-even-you messages are not answered.

Not to mention that provides the ability for users to customize a lot of program elements, including fonts, sounds, design ...

If you want you can download Adium for Mac completely for free, so try it and decide whether personally or not it meets your requirements.

How to configure Gmail on iPhone or iPod Touch

Although at first I started to use with some reluctance, I would lie if I say that I could not live without Gmail, mainly because I think it is, for now, in one of the best free e-mail services of any on this time.

For work reasons, I tend to have it connected almost all day (or, rather, in the moments when I am at home working), on par with ease of use allows me to use it in a quick, easy, simple and above very comfortable.

The reason for this article is to echo an article picked up by our colleagues at Google Mobile Blog, which echo the steps they must take all those users or as they have a Gmail email account and have an iPhone or an iPod Touch.

And is that with this new update, you will receive emails on the iPhone you get from Gmail in an absolutely automatic, like text messages (SMS).

This has been possible thanks to the improvements that Google has done in his service Google Sync, with the aim of improving itself the long-awaited push synchronization.

How to configure Gmail on our iPhone or iPod Touch?

First, to use Google Sync you have to add a Microsoft Exchange from Settings/Mail, Contacts, Calendars and you set it as follows:

1) Enter your email address from Gmail in the "E" and "User names".

2) You must leave blank the field "Domain".

3) Enter your password to your email account.

4) Click "Next."

5) At this point appears the "Server", and introduces it and click "Next."

6) Now you can choose those services from Google that you want to synchronize.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

MiniMail 2 compatible with Snow Leopard

MiniMail, the plug-in for Mail is available in a new version and the transition becomes consistent with Snow Leopard. MiniMail can track the arrival of new messages and read their content in small windows less cumbersome than the browser in Mail. We may also request that this window is always displayed on top of others.

This window is not just view the messages, the main actions are met in a pop-up menu: deletion, forwarding, flag, reply, etc.. Two icons will also create a new post or start over from the accounts. And support on the space bar to launch a look on attachment.

Besides the compatibility with the 10.6, MiniMail 2 may show multiple small windows on the screen - and not just one - corresponding to as many boxes as you choose (on active MiniMail by clicking the green button discount window). It seemed however that this option worked randomly. The MiniMail demo is limited to 30 days.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

An updated version of Facebook for iPhone

Joe Hewitt, the man responsible for developing the Facebook application for iPhone has been fine announce a few days ago his desire to withdraw from the project, the application in question has just been grafted a small update, fixing some bugs and providing compatibility with Voiceover.

In short, he could just as well as future updates of the application be extended to land ...

They should create a sort of "badge" for some developers who still contributes much to what is now the Iphone. Especially dear sir we gratifies his facebook application should go before I think all the other unnecessary apps.
Well after you tell me for certain the facebook application is useless, but there are some serious application on the apple store that everyone could happen.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Virus for Mac OS X

This is not a joke, viruses also exist for Mac. This is a Trojan that targets users of OS X.
This Trojan called Loosemaque has been updated by researchers at Symantec, and is defined as a threat rather atypical. Loosemaque looks like a video game of yesteryear, site analysis, namely the famous characters from Space Invaders. But when the user destroys the aliens he destroyed along the files of the directory. However, the user is warned that "an alien killed a file is deleted. The user is not caught unawares," the site analysis.

Loosemaque wants to be a Trojan horse designed to "artistic". The game is described on the website that the issue as "a game about choice and consequence, and therefore what it means to succeed or fail." Only here!

Mac OS X and the Intel Atom Netbooks

A few days ago, the Cupertino company, Apple said that installing Mac OS X on PC was not a thing to do. Indeed, the hackintosh is becoming more widespread, it is simply to put Mac OS X on any PC. Apple openly expressed his hostility towards the users of these modified PC.

Thus, Apple fight against the hackintosh and especially on netbooks. The firm stated that the next releases of Mac OS X Snow Leopard would be incompatible with the Intel Atom processor. The Intel Atom team virtually all netbooks, it's annoying ... But ultimately rejected it because the 10C535 build of Mac OS X 10.6.2 is compatible snowleopard remains compatible with the Atom.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Changing Apple applications icons

I installed Snow Leopard today on a Mac Mini. Installing without worries.
By cons, many of my preferences (particularly in terms of appearance) were changed. As the icons of Apple applications.
Only problem is that since I installed Snow Leopard, I can not change their icons as I did before.
My method was simple: Opening a png with Preview / copy, open information application / selection of the icon and paste.
But, I can not copy directly with Preview (the feature is grayed out, or it should select the image with the right tool), and I can not paste on ALL Apple applications.
So I find myself with a dock or only the applications Apple is impossible to change.
Someone an idea?

To change the icons of the Apple applications (Safari, Mail, iTunes, etc ...):

1. Find the original icon (right click on the text / display the package contents / Contents / Resources)
2. The icon has a. Icns (*)
3. Copy and paste the icon into a backup folder to be able to recover in case.
The icon should replace the original should be mandatory in. Icns (**), and have the same name (be careful with uppercase and lowercase)
4. Rename your new icon.
5. Click on the icon to select it, then cmd + c (copy)
6. Cmd + v (paste) into the Resources folder of the application (authenticate if requested)

(*) Names of some icons of origin:
For iTunes: iTunes.icns
For Safari: compass.icns
Mail To: app.icns
QuickTime X QuickTimePlayerX.icns

Monday, November 9, 2009

Mail Compatible With Hotmail

Microsoft recently updated its servers and can now configure the mail box of the iPhone (the native) with his account @hotmail or @live!

To do so, follow these steps:

1. Go to: Settings => Mail, Contacts, Calendar => Add Account ... => Other.
2. Provide a name for your accounts (eg Hotmail)
3. Enter your address (@ / en and your password => Press "Save"
4. Go to POPs.
5. In receiving server, note:
- Host Name:
- Your email address
- Your password

6. In sending server, note:
- Host Name:
- Your email address
- Your password

7. Press "Save"

Here, your Hotmail is now in Mail.

Download torrents on the iPhone or iPod Touch

For downloading torrents.
I indicate in advance that the movement is rather not very practical but effective.
For those who prefer a manip 'easier, download Torrentule on Cydia, the application includes any time a few (many) beugs.

what you need:

1. We start by then download dTunes Terminal on Cydia.
Make sure you have Safari Download Plug-In is normally installed directly dTunes but you never know.

2. Start dTunes and clicking on "Search" at the bottom (2nd icon from right) and then on "Torrents" in the upper right.

3. Here, the application launches the default site PirateBay (You can change your site if you want, it will work too) and then download a torrent file
Caution: The sites that publish the sending torrents of both. Php and not. Torrent to edit using Finder (On Cydia) and change the file extension without dTunes it can not activate the torrent.

4. Once downloaded the torrent, click on "Browse" button in the lower left, by the application displays a list of files. These are all the files in the directory private
So in this list, find the torrent previously downloaded and click it.

5. The application launches a window, click OK.

6. It's closing now dTunes to return to the springboard and we launch Terminal.
This application is similar to the command prompt available on Windows.
Once the application is launched, the first line is "nomdel'appareil: - Mobile $

7. Then, type the command "./ Gettorrent" without quotes and without forgetting the two "t" and two "r" (You tell me that smell is experienced, well you're right) then click "return" at the bottom right of the keyboard.
Do not worry about a ton of command line that appears, it is quite normal.

8. After scrolling commands, we must now turn our attention to the last line especially on the three numbers separated by slashes as shown in screen
The first digit indicates the progress of the download while the last two represent the size of the file is being downloaded.

9. Now, a small image to help you decipher the last line and once your download is finished, that is to say that the three figures are similar (eg 137/137/137). you can then retrieve your file through SSH in the directory private /var/mobile/Library/Downloads

And now enjoy.

problem for authorization with iTunes and applications

If your computer has been authorized to play purchases from the iTunes Store, but you can not read and iTunes continues to seek permission, try the following suggestions.

Allow your purchases from an administrator account

To allow your purchases from an administrator account, follow these steps:

1. Log in administrator account.
Note: If you do not have access to a password administrator, you should contact the administrator of that computer. If it is a work computer, contact your IT department.
2. Make sure you have installed the latest version of iTunes. You can download the latest version free.
3. Choose Store> Authorize Computer.
4. Enter the name of your iTunes account and your password in the dialog box that appears.
Note: If you have multiple accounts, you must connect to the iTunes Store, and authorize each account separately.
5. Quit iTunes.

After authorizing your computer to your administrator account, you must disconnect and reconnect the user account from which you want to play your purchases. When you are logged into your user account, open iTunes, select a purchase from the iTunes Store in your library and click Play. Reading the selected item begins.
Assign the authorization with the appropriate account name

The items you are trying to play may have been purchased using a different iTunes Store account. To determine which account was used to purchase an item, follow these steps:

1. Select a purchased song in your library and choose File> Get Info.
2. Click the Summary tab. Note the account name that appears in the list. This is the account name (Apple ID) to use when you give the computer permission to read this purchase.

Connect your iPhone to a Livebox

I decided to give some explanation of the wireless connection to your iPhone.

Firstly remember that when your iPhone is connected in wifi you are in unlimited (in fact you use your web package for your home or office etc.)

To connect the Iphone to a livebox (note that the manip is very close with all the boxes but I will surely not be a topic for each box.

To start check that your iPhone is ready to receive wireless connections for this fact:

On The Iphone,Go to "Settings" click on "wireless" and check that the wireless is activated.

On the Livebox,Then go to your Livebox in "association" (this is apper in some good but not necessary better to do it for free!)
Then write your WEP key which is under your Livebox on a label (if you have not already).

Return to the Iphone
Back to your iPhone "Settings" WIFI "and choose your Livebox you'll need to enter your WEP key (go back there without spaces or uppercase paying attention to the difference between an" o "and a" 0 ")
Click on "join now and your iPhone is connected to your wireless box.

Change the text of the slide bar on 3G

First, you must:
* An iPhone / iPod Touch jailbroken in 2.x
* Have Winterboard installed (via Cydia)
* Be able to connect to SSH

1) On your computer, create the following directory structure:

2) Create, in the "en.lproj" (not "English.lproj"), a file "SpringBoard.txt"

3) Open it with Notepad (or another editor, like Notepad + +)

4) Enter:
"AWAY_LOCK_LABEL" = "This is the text to unlock your device";
"POWER_DOWN_LOCK_LABEL" = "This is the text to turn off your device";
"SLIDE_TO_ANSWER" = "This is the text to win on appeal";

Personalize the text in red (replace the text you want).

5) Save the file and rename the "SpringBoard.strings"

6) Place the file "Slidebar" (containing the folder "Bundles" containing folder "", which contains the file "en.lproj", which contains the file "SpringBoard.strings") in your iPhone/iPod Touch, by logging into SSH into /private/var /stash/Themes.******

7) From your iPhone/iPod Touch, launch Winterboard and select Slidebar in the ticking.
8) Press the HOME button.
9) You make a device Respring.
10) Admire the result.

tuto repeated here. but apparently also works on 3GS, therefore firmwaire 3.0

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Add a button to eject the CD/DVD from the taskbar/menu

The mania that has buttons on the Apple patent is somewhat long, in fact, the first Macintosh did not include a button to eject the floppy, so that was done by software.

Luckily offer many options to eject the CD and DVD. It can be done using the keyboard, dragging the disk to the trash by right clicking on the disk, etc. from the Finder. That is, for options will not be. But besides all that, there is a more interesting from the taskbar.

To activate a button "remove" from the taskbar, we need to access the path:

System > Library > CoreServices > Menu Extras

Once we are in this menu, you have to run the file " . Once done, this will activate a new button from which we can eject any disc inserted in our Mac SuperDrive.

The flash pummel the autonomy of the iPhone

Supporting flash is one of the main spots of the iPhone. Indeed, the Apple phone is unable to display Flash content either in Safari or via a dedicated application. Six months ago, Adobe has posted a beta of Flash for iPhone at Apple. Problem, use the flash would reduce the autonomy of the iPhone within 40 minutes.

The Cupertino company has kindly repackaged Adobe explaining that the flash was too resource-intensive. Apple teams have advised their counterparts in Adobe exploit the GPU of the iPhone much more effective intensive tasks before clear guide to Adobe a dedicated application. Obviously, the support of flash a dedicated application has much less interest.

On the one hand, the view of Apple is justifiable since the company does not sealing performance and autonomy of the phone due to flash on the other hand, one wonders how other phones ( HTC, Samsung, etc..) running Windows Mobile or Android to support the flash ...

Set the fan speed of your Mac OS X

Mac OS X includes an automatic fan depending on the temperature of the machine. If your Mac seems overly warm, you can still exercise greater control over the fans with the appropriately named fancontrol.

Once installed, the application is lodged in System Preferences. Fancontrol does not replace the system completely automatic control of fans (which could cause major stability problems), but can still change the speed of the fan base, and the trigger of those latter . Three sliders are available for this, and a graph can observe their effect visually.

The Magic Mouse finally arrived!

The first customers who bought their Magic Mouse just received a message from Apple telling them she had just been shipped. The first Magic Mouse should be delivered before the end of the week as announced by Apple. The Apple mouse should also be available in stores next week.

To recall, the shell of the Magic Mouse is fully touch and lets make a gesture or two fingers. The mouse is wireless protocol operates Buetooth available on almost all Macs. Apple has also released the Magic Mouse drivers for Leopard and Snow Leopard.

Problems with new iMac?

The messages about problems on the new iMac will multiply on the Apple forums. For now, the source of problems is not yet clearly identified. However, the result is a machine very slow. The first users have pointed to the management of Flash that slow down the iMac, while others have highlighted a problem with the hard drive with rotational speed decrease.

Apple is currently working on correcting problems and especially their reproduction. The updated Mac OS X 10.6.2 scheduled for November should probably correct the problems on the new iMac.

Six free applications at MacHeist Site

In a burst of generosity, the publisher MacHeist offer for a week six of its key applications: ShoveBox, an advanced notepad, the Twitter client Twitterrific, word processing WriteRoom utility, screenshots and TinyGrab Thurs Hordes of Orcs. The sixth program, Mariner Write will be released when the 500 000 downloads will be achieved.

The free download of the six software still represents a saving of $ 154. It will therefore be quick since the operation will end next week. At the time of this writing, 35 000 bundles were downloaded which represents a saving of more than 5 million dollars.

Go to download MacHeist nanoBundle

Mac OS X still supports Intel Atom

The previous beta of Mac OS X 10.6.2 disabling support for Intel Atom processors used in many netbooks. It became impossible to install a modified version of Mac OS X on a netbook.

Fortunately, the latest version of Mac OS X 10.6.2 provided to developers who restored this feature was therefore an inadvertent omission from Apple, unless the company simply wants to test the impact of such decision. Finally, leave a little liberty to hackintosh does not allow it to get customers on the long term? Mac OS X one day, Mac OS X always ... except for games.

Picasa Mac evolves slightly

The giant Google has updated its software for managing photos known as Picasa. This new version stamped brings some new medium like digital cameras Canon EOS 7D, Canon EOS 500D, Nikon D5000 or the Sony Alpha 8.

To recall, the software Google is a very good alternative to iPhoto because it manages also face detection, geolocation and lets you share your photos online in its space Picasa Web Album.

Get the Download Picasa

list duplicates in iTunes

As time goes, everything goes, perhaps, but no duplicates in iTunes! After months and years of use, the pieces have a tendency to duplicate over the ripped CDs or downloaded to the right and left.

There is a simple function in iTunes, which tracks and to clean up the duplicates. Just click on "Music" (or "Movies", or "podcasts" ...) and spinning in "File" then "show duplicate items." Up to you then remove or retain the doubles title!

Clicking the button "Show All" at the bottom of the main iTunes window can return to normal viewing.

Launch iChat without activating your account

Do you need to go check an iChat account, its settings or check other information, but no need to inform your correspondents that you are online? It only launch iChat automatically activate your account ...

There is a small handling very simple to launch the application without the inappropriate activation: just keep the Shift key during launch!

iChat will not activate your account, letting you check your data calmly.

From overclock "virtual" Mac

Mac OS 10.3, 10.4 and 10.5 (not tested under 10.2), it is possible to easily change the information in "About this Mac", visible in the Apple menu in the top left of your screen. This information is on the CPU frequency (in MHz or GHz depending on your processor) and the amount of installed RAM (in MB or GB). Thus, for example, can change a processor PPC G4 1Ghz cons an Intel Core 2 Duo 2 ggz, and move the RAM to 512MB to 4GB with a few clicks!

Firstly, we must find the file that contains this information, then go to the folder
and view the contents of the package "loginwindow". Then, with TextEdit, open the file "AboutThisMac.string" (remember to make a copy of this file before editing) located in Contents/Resources/English.lproj.
It is he who provides information of interest. To change the processor on a computer with a single processor, look for the line where is written "ABOUT_BOX_SINGLE_PROCESSOR_FIELD_FORMAT" = "%@";

Here you can put instead of% @ of the information you want. If your Mac has an overall dual-processor, it will find the line "ABOUT_BOX_MULTIPLE_PROCESSORS_FIELD_FORMAT" = "%@";

The line "ABOUT_BOX_MEMORY_FIELD_FORMAT" = "% @% @"; control information on the amount of RAM. Replace% @% @ in what you want.

Obviously, we do expect to see performance increase our Mac;) But the handling at least had the merit of making us better aware of the intricacies of our preferred system, or even impress friends.

Detach a website of a tab with Safari

Managing tabs in Safari is fairly advanced. Did you know for example that it was possible to create a new page in Safari nothing in "detaching" a tab bar tabs?

To do this, nothing more simple: open a website, take (with the mouse!) Created the new tab and "detach" it from the bar. A thumbnail of the site will appear transparent. Then release the miniature web site will appear in a new page!

Open ports Cup Fire MacOS X Tiger

You have a post on Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger that shares via an Ethernet cable, its direct internet connection via a modem or via Wi-Fi, with a second post-Ubuntu Linux. When retrieving mail from the Linux desktop, an error message will appear if the firewall is active and you have not taken the time to open ports 110 and 25 which are normally blocked at the exit Mac.

However, they must be open so that messages can be retrieved and sent from the desktop Linux.
In Mac OS X, open System Preferences -> Sharing -> Fire Cup. Click New in the Port Name menu, select Other and write for example "mail".

In the category of TCP port numbers, enter: 110, 25. Close. Restart the firewall, restart Internet sharing (by clicking on the button of the window Internet Sharing).

You should meet more worries. Obviously, the procedure to open ports is also valid in other cases.

Forcing an application to quit

Sometimes certain installed applications no longer respond and refused to leave. After using in vain the Exit option from the application menu, there remains the function Force Quit to get out.

The first access to this function is in the Apple menu -> Force Quit,

a window opens with the list of running applications. Just click on the application recalcitrant and click on Force Quit.

Now you know some of the best known techniques to quit an application recalcitrant.

Synchronize Gmail contacts and address book

Googl email is a fantastic manager mails. Its management of email is really innovative. many of us have probably been the lead manager of their mails. The problem is the synchronization of contacts between Gmail and Address Book application in Mac OS.

We can now synchronize Address Book and Gmail, and other types of accounts such as Yahoo or Microsoft Exchange.

To activate the function, he must go to the Preferences menu of Address Book and select the Google option.

To achieve this, if we do not have iPhone or iPod Touch, you have to believe that Mac OS is the case well:

You must edit this file in:
and change the following value Family ID and put 10,001

At the next open address book, for non-owners IPhone or IPod, the synchronization function is available.

In case of problems with Mac OS X

When an application stops responding, you can use the keys:

apple, option and simultaneously escape

If the computer is completely blocked. Press the power button for 5 seconds.

Any unsaved changes will be lost.

Restart or off via the Apple menu without strand confirmation Mac OS X

Via the Apple menu, click restart or shut down while pressing Option (Alt) to perform this operation without a strand confirmation.

How to Create Smart Folder in MAC OS

Apple has seen fit to create a new file type, the Smart Folder. These records allow individuals to maintain real time status of research.

One could compare it to some sort of automated script.

If you need to instantly find a specific document type, or a series of files regardless of the location on your disk, you must then use this function.

It is accessed via the Finder's File menu -> New Smart Folder or Shortcut

Option + Command + N

A window opens, it is similar to a search window, then it suffices to indicate the search criteria, using the search function at top left.

By clicking on the little "+" below the search area expanded menu opens up allowing you to limit your search to specific types of content, dates of last opened or modified, the name or much more clicking Other.

The latter choice opens a list of attributes to search very long extending from the email address corresponding to a number of document pages.

We must also tell it to record what he should do his research.

The "This mac" scans all disks present and operational at the time of research, but also beyond.

Indeed, if we plug an external drive after setting the smart folder, and that research is done on "This Mac", the external drive will also be involved in research.

Once the search attributes and areas of research indicated, it can send its Smart Folder by clicking Save.

A window opens asking for the name and location of the Smart Folder. It must then click Save.

Now your Smart Folder is operational and programmed to perform your search instantly.

Write on a NTFS partition in Snow Leopard

Nyxem just published a very interesting information. Writing to an NTFS partition was originally activated in the beta versions of Snow Leopard. But this feature was disabled in the final version (probably a rights issue with Microsoft, author of the NTFS file system).

However, there is a way to re-write NTFS on Mac OS X Snow Leopard through the terminal while waiting for someone so small software to enable easy.

Open the terminal located in Applications/Utilities
Then find the UUID of the partition with this command:

diskutil info/Volumes/nom_de_la_partition

Copy the UUID
Create or edit the fstab:

ls /etc/ | grep fstab (to check if the file exists)
cp /etc/fstab~/Desktop/ (to make a copy on the desktop)

Edit the document using the command:

sudo nano/etc/fstab

Add the following line:

UUID = uuid_de_la_partition none ntfs rw

or if you do not find the UUID

LABEL = nom_de_la_partition none ntfs rw

Save the file and restart to apply changes.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

How to create a new account

I has my own account in my mac os. But i want to create a new account for my sister because i don't want she to use my account and i am having problems downloading stuff from the internet help me please.

How to create a new account in mac:
1.Log in as an administrator account in your mac os.
2.Click the Apple menu and choose System Preferences
3.Click on accounts. Click the + button and enter your details and click create account.