Wednesday, December 30, 2009

ifinance for mac review

iFinance is a convenient software for capturing and Dartellung of input and output behavior. You can create multiple accounts and categories to which you want to book and debit. E.g. click on the Account page at a cash account and on the category page on the category of vehicle, the auto-adding an expenditure or revenue item vorgeingestellt.

iFinance allows the management of their own financial budgets. You put its budget a monthly budget to work with and can manage revenues and costs. The budget is exceeded, then the application displays a warning.

Similarly iFinance 3 also offers the support of securities. Thus, stock prices can be queried and the value of the portfolio in mind. Anyone who already owns iFinance 1 or 2, which can be charged on the 3rd Version update. New customers pay for the fair App need 29 Euro. iFinance 3 requires Mac OS X 10.5.

iSquint converts iPod video on Mac

iSquint app for Mac os X can easily convert all kinds of videos for the iPod, but its output format is always .MP4 . It supports many formats, such as FLV, Mov, MP4, DivX, AVI, MP3, VMW, VOB, MPG, etc. If you want to convert videos from Youtube, iSquint provides all the functionality to do in a somewhat more flexible format. I love iSquint! It's so easy to use!

iSquint problem

I use iSquint to convert my videos, but since today it no-longer works. When I drag a video into the box and press release comes with the warning "AppleScript error". Finder has received an error Continue not possible.
Now I thinks it causes by Application Scripting Errors.

MobileRSS iPhone app

If you don't need constantly to use the Safari for surf site to know whether it is news, MobileRSS for iPhone can help you to subscribe to the RSS feeds of your favorite pages on the iPhone. This gave you everything at a glance! Anyone who wants to come quickly read the informations by this iPhone app.

With MobileRSS to make the first native RSS reader on the iPhone wide. MobileRSS is currently still quite error-prone, wants to expand in future versions, but a complete worry-free package for RSS addicts.

Simply adding or deleting already subscribed feeds will then work just as easily as the display of unread messages on the home screen - that is similar to the emails/SMS messages.

Monday, December 28, 2009

just notes mac application

JustNotes is, as the name suggests, a simple application of note taking. With a gorgeous interface, the software integrates into the menu bar, thus remaining accessible at any time.

In addition to writing simple notes, also known JustNotes send them by email if necessary. Its research facilitates the integrated management of many notes and, as long as one is willing to invest a little money. The author made his SimpleNotes compatible application, an iPhone application from another developer.

JustNotes app is still in development and free. It is not necessary to buy the iPhone application to use it.

Rip application encoding and copying audio CDs

iTunes allows for a very long time to encode its audio CD easily. However, the Apple Mac application is stingy in settings before encoding and especially output format. Recently emerged Rip Which allows to go further to encode your albums.

Still in beta, Rip is not considered stable by the developer but to have it tested, I can tell you that it works perfectly.

The injection of tags in the tracks to be encoded can be made via MusicBrainz, FreeDB or iTunes Store. Rip Aboard encoders needed to convert files to FLAC, AIFF, WAVE...

I knows that Rip also create a disk image, a true replica of its physical equivalent. The application also has other interesting features. To discover absolutely.

For those looking for even more advanced settings and codecs (and still free) there is also XLD works of thunder, although the interface is rather austere.

Battleship game for iPhone Review

Among the naval battle games available on AppStore, there are very few people who can claim to remember parts of our childhood with the Battleship game (real and plastic). Electronic Arts must have heard the complaints and cries of torpedo vessels in shorts because Battleship has arrived. Battleship is available on App Store!

Battleship game for iPhone happily takes the principle of the naval battle by offering. In addition to the Classic mode, a mode super-weapons that we facilitate the detection of enemy ships by using bursts of air and missile batteries.

Between each round, the publisher added animations that if it gives a certain cachet to the game. It quickly becomes tiresome as to slow down the game, because we can not move (no option). Apart from this, Battleship is really interesting, because you can play against the game or with another player by Bluetooth or WiFi.

I also prefer Warships, more beautiful and less expensive. I love the game: nostalgia. I hate the game: animations impede the flow of play.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Reasons to love Snow Leopard

Here are some reasons to love Snow Leopard.

1: A completely rewritten OS
Mac OS X 10.6 has been rewritten to 90%.

2: OpenCL in the system
OpenCL is a technology that seems most effective with compatible cards.

3: QuickTime X
QuickTime X can use the acceleration of certain graphics cards.

4.Support Blu-ray
Mac OS X is perfectly supports playback of media and burning files on Blu-ray.

Snow Leopard offers something that Microsoft could never do: launch applications 64-bit and 32-bit applications on the same system.

6: A lot of new
The Snow Leopard system is updated at multiple locations with multiple small improvements are really ergonomic.

7: 64-bit accelerates
8: An enhanced Finder
9: A very good compatibility

Flip4Mac WMV update

Flip4Mac WMV is Version 2.3.1 (19.7 MB, English) appeared. This fixes problems associated with exporting in Final Cut Pro to import MP3 songs and export of audio files. With the free basic version of the play from Mac OS X 10.4 executable plug-ins can be Windows Media Audio and Windows Media video files in QuickTime Player and web browser.

The extended versions of Flip4Mac WMV (cost 29 to 179 dollars) to offer including the ability to export Windows Media files in QuickTime-compatible applications.

Flip4Mac WMV in the Silverlight plugin from Microsoft is included. Who does not want to install must uncheck it in the installer.

After installing the "updates" can be converted to Pro "no more high-definition movies in my version of Flip4Mac Studio.

For that I had bought and paid for this software. This function has now been removed and we should update to the HD version. I am sure I will soon receive a quote by mail to the "reduced" upgrade to the HD version.

For extended Quicktime component 'Flip4Mac' that Apple's Quicktime functions to the Microsoft WMV format, has published an update. The changes that will affect feeder in version, the export from Final Cut Pro projects, import and export of multi-channel sound from mp3, and support for third-party applications.

Many people who work in large companies where they are allowed to install anything on their computers. And since Windows is the default media player and QuickTime not supported (unless you installed software) still need WMV.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

RunKeeper Fitness tracking for your iPhone 3G/3GS

The iPhone App RunKeeper is available in the Appstore.

What does RunKeeper Free?
The app features on the iPhone requires OS 3.0 or newer + GPS. you can track activities, including distance, time, speed, pace, calories burned, elevation, and path traveled on a map. In addition, all tracked lines in the history visible. The recorded tracks can also be directly on the iPhone in a map.

The first run
Today it was finally arrived, the first unit of the Training plan for beginners is denied. The iPhone I had fastened with a belt clip on my sweat pants under my sports jacket. Is maintained as in some other forums, the GPS receiver with me at my absolute top track jacket - RunKeeper says: "GPS Strength: Good."

“Fitness without jog-tracking device (iPhone + RunKeeper) makes only half as much fun!”

The app worked perfectly and has really inspired me. The only drawback is the strong battery thirst. With Wi-Fi turned off, the App has consumed about 30% percent of the GPS proud of the battery, with a short running route KM of 4.32 and a duration of 36 minutes. It is therefore on longer running distance (not a beginner workout) recommended to recharge the battery completely and turn off Wi-Fi to.

Friday, December 25, 2009

The 5 best ball games of the iPhone

The ball games for iPhone combine a principle very simple game to understand, a quick start and make an immediate pleasure.

The 5 best ball games of the iPhone:

Rolando is a game platform where it leads a person rolling on the ground. To move, just steer the iPhone in the direction we wanted it to. His goal? Save the people of Rolandoland, solve puzzles and play with the interactive environment.

2.Super Monkey Ball
Guide a monkey trapped in a transparent ball down slopes littered with obstacles of all kinds without falling off levels, following the principle of Super Monkey Ball. Very pleasant to take in hand, everything is played by tilting their iPhone, here is an excellent adaptation of the Game Cube versions of the hit Wii and Sega.

3.The Bounce
In the same vein such as Sonic or a Mario, The Bounce is a game of any platform that is more conventional: it runs a little ball in a fifty levels avoiding enemies, obstacles and other fatal traps. Gadgets offer new skills to the ball, allowing him to move on to new areas.

4.Gravity Well
Blend pinball game or mini-golf Gravity Well also draws many Magnetic Joe in principle: run a ball in tables, some forty in total, simply by pressing his finger on the place we want to achieve it. Laser switches to operate, spikes, doors locked ... requires severe whipping to advance!

5.I Love Katamari
Adaptation of the hit game on PlayStation 2 I Love Katamari immerses you in a game completely mad rolling a Katamari ball on a variety of objects in each level in order to stick to your ball. This grown increasingly allowing you to retrieve objects always larger and varied (salt, wine bottles, flower pots, cars, etc..).

Good games!

The 4 million for Parachute Panic iPhone App

The Parachute Panic iPhone App App Store endless surfing on the wave of success: it has more than 4 million downloads.

Remember that game from a simple idea: to save up to parachute from drowning, but also the dangers surrounding (helicopters, flying saucers, sharks ...).

If you play the game, you can even say it are ugly, and yet are super catchy.
The first thing that strikes us, it is the graphics. My daughter, who is in CE2, is better! Streamlined as possible, but it is voluntary, they replicated children's drawings in pen Bic grid on a sheet of poor quality. It's ugly, but it gives a certain air to the game.

The second thing that marks the player is disconcerting simplicity of the game The goal is to land his parachute on the deck of a boat. Dropped from aircraft over the top of the screen, you fully control your snowmen so they arrive safe and sound on the boat.

Attention, all is not that simple as barriers disrupt the flight of the parachute. Lightning or helicopters for example. These will be pleased to decapitate and carve your snowmen! One solution: destroy the helicopter by repeatedly pressing it with your finger.

Its last update - 1.4 - invites you to return cameo, a character Doodle Jump! The game is offered at a promotional price of 0.79 € at the moment.

Book hotel online by Accor Hotels iPhone application

Anyone for a City Break decides in a metropolis that was next to the Guide for the iPhone also be Hotel Book with an App. Accor offers attractive accommodation options in the category Offers. Toll made is the way how to find these prices. The cities are as Picture Pile on the screen. With your fingers can move any subject and get to the front. Finger any longer in the picture, and the price is displayed: from 61 euros it's going on in Bologna and for 89 pounds you can stay in London.

Accorhotels is the largest hotel chain outside the U.S.. These include the houses Ibis, Novotel, Mercure, Sofitel and Etap. Of course you can in a hotel after App Location (Close) Date and Stay . Search During the search are shown strikingly attractive photos of hotels. You'd think that would be all designer hotels.

The Hit can be sorted by Close or Hotel Brands upload date. A small photo and icons to facilitate the selection. In the details view, there are many hotels several photosWhich formatf├╝llend can zoom. One can imagine the Location View of the house in Google Maps and let the Contact incorporate into their own contacts. A brief description of known size, facilities and distance of the hotel to the shopping center (railway station, airport, exhibition, etc.).

The button "Price and Booking" Leads into a secure area. The contact and credit card information is encrypted. The confirmation comes either via email or SMS. The iPhone app is therefore a useful travel agency in the pocket, which plays off its advantages, if you have time to stay overnight somewhere spontaneously. Its price is free.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

How to troubleshoot Keychain/Keychain Access Problems

Keychain/Keychain application is located in Macintosh HD > Applications > Utilities > Keychain/keyring.

Often, some applications we continually ask the password for the keyring. This is linked to this application. Therefore when repair Keychain/Keychain for this problem stop.

-- Fix Keychain/Keychain
Open application and go to the Window menu and select "Keychain First Aid/Repair Keychain", save the user password and select "Repair/repair".

-- Change the user password for the password user agrees
Sometimes Keychain/Keychain fair because the user has had problems with user password (login) fairly recently, in these cases, the solution is to resynchronize the password by going to change the user password in System Preferences.

-- If problems persist, it may be that things are more screwed up than in this case, go to your "Home", "Library / Library '(Macintosh HD> Users/Users> Home > Library/Library > Keychain) and in this case, put on the desktop the file is called "login.keychain.
Warning: this name may vary depending on the version of OS X you have. Caution, this implies the loss of passwords for everything (except login because it is store elsewhere).

This should more than solve problems related to this application.

Windows & Mac Equivalent

Here is the equivalent methods of doing things in Windows and Mac os:

Accessories : Applications, utilities :
Windows offers accessories: calculator, notepad, address book, etc.. You will find similar applications in the Applications folder and the Utilities folder (which is located in the Applications folder in Mac os).

My Documents : Documents folder :
Use the Documents folder in your home folder to store your documents. To find your Documents folder, open a Finder window and click on your folder in the sidebar on the left of the window.

My Pictures folder : File Images :
The Pictures folder is located in your home folder.

My Recent Documents : Recent Items (in the Apple menu) :
As and when you open applications or files, their names are kept in the sub-menu items of the recent Apple menu. You can use this submenu to quickly reopen applications or documents.

Microsoft Photo Editor : iPhoto :
Use iPhoto to download photos from your digital camera and create photo albums.

Workstation : Office :
On the Windows PC, the workstation shows the names and icons of drives installed or connected, including those drives empty. Mac desktop displays the names and icons of the disks inserted into the computer or connected to it.

Network Connections : Network Utility :
Use the Network Utility application to view basic information on networks and troubleshoot problems in this area.

Panel Performance : Activity Monitor :
Use to check how your computer processes running.

Printers and Faxes : Control Print & Fax preferences :
Use the section Print & Fax System Preferences to select and configure printers.

Trash : Trash (in the Dock) :
Use the trash can icon in the Dock to delete files. Just drag your files to the icon at the end of the Dock. To permanently remove the files, choose File> Empty Trash.

ScreenTaker : Capture :
Use the Capture application to make screenshots.

Order Search : Find command, Sherlock :
Use the Find command from the File menu to find files and documents on your disk. Use Sherlock to find information on the Internet. You can search for information relating to shares in awards, movies, business addresses, theft, etc..

Shortcuts : Alias :
On Windows, the "shortcuts" are icons for opening files and applications. Mac, the icons of shortcuts are called "aliases". To create an alias, select the file or application and choose File> Make Alias.

Watch : Sleep (in the Apple menu) :
The sleep mode is a mode of low power consumption. To put your computer, open the Apple menu and select Sleep.

Start Menu and Taskbar : Dock :
Like the Start menu or the Taskbar, the Dock is used to access the applications, folders and files you use frequently. By default, the Dock is positioned at the bottom of the screen. Drag items in the Dock to add power and quick access.

Status Icons : Menus status :
Similar to Windows status icons that appear in the lower right corner of the screen, the status icons Mac are in the upper right corner of the menu of your Mac desktop. These icons also provide menus to change some settings.

Windows Explorer : Finder :
On Mac, the Finder offers many of the same features as the Explorer. To open a Finder window, click in the desktop and choose File> New Finder Window.

Windows Media Player : iTunes, QuickTime Player, iMovie :
Use the iTunes application to create your digital music library personal. Use QuickTime Player and iMovie to view visual data.

Windows MovieMaker : iMovie :
Use iMovie to download video data from your camcorder and create movies. iMovie lets you edit your film and add titles, transitions, special effects and soundtracks.

Windows & Mac Equivalent

You know what is the term used on Windows but are not sure what the equivalent on a Mac. Here's a glossary to help you find what you are looking for:

Button Control : Command or "Apple key" :
Like the Control key on Windows, the Command key is used with special keyboard combinations. For example, the act of simultaneously press and hold the Command and S generally has the effect of saving a document or file.

Alt : Option Button :
Like the Alt key on Windows, Option key is used with special keyboard combinations.

Mouse (two buttons) : Mouse (single button) :
Click with your mouse Mac single button to select items such as folders and windows and to open menus. Hold the mouse button down to drag items or select multiple objects at once. To open the "menu shortcuts, hold down the Control key while clicking a desktop icon.

Close box : Close button :
The Close button closes the active window. In Mac OS X windows, this button is the leftmost of the three buttons in the upper left corner.

Exit : Exit :
Use the Exit menu of your application to exit it. (The application menu is named after it.)

Control Panel : System Preferences :
Just as the Control Panel in Windows, the System Preferences are used under Mac OS X to control the system settings. To open System Preferences, choose Apple menu> System Preferences.

Program Files : Applications folder :
Your Applications folder contains the applications and utilities Mac OS X.

Device Manager : Information System :
Use to obtain information about your computer, including related hardware, software installed, the serial number or the operating system.

Eject button for disk drive : Eject Disc :
On the Mac, it opens and closes the optical drive by pressing the eject button on the keyboard hard. To eject the disc from other types of player (or if your keyboard has no eject button hard), drag the icon of these discs in the trash.

Properties : Get Info :
Similar to Properties in Windows, the Get Info command provides information about files and documents. If you select a file and choose Get Info, you will get information about it and can set permissions and settings on the property.

Howto Install X11 on OS X 10.4 Tiger

It's a very good tutorial how to Install X11 on Tiger step by step.

First Insert your install disk.

1.Look for "Optional Installs" in the installation
2.Run the program: volume:
4.We obtained this window with small triangles in fact sub-menus must be deployed:
5.Select X11 (note: the picture there is 0 bytes because the installation is already done with me):
6.After leaving the setup and put away your disc carefully, find X11 in Applications/Utilities.

Notes: Do not ask how to install X11 on Tiger (wait Leopard).

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Simpsons Arcade Game for iPhone

EA reveals The Simpsons Arcade for iPhone. Now The Simpsons Arcade Game for iPhone/iPod Touch is available on AppStore and costs $4.99.

There are 6 levels each lasting 10 to 15 minutes at least, so lifespan of at least 1:30, not bad I think.

The difficulty is very well suited to the iphone, and it is not just a replica but a real adjustment, since some mini games or weapons work with the accelerometer. In short, tested and approved, I advice! I tell you that it is not expensive compared to a remake of a game on PS3 or 360.

Trivial pursuit iPhone app review

The Christmas season is conducive to Gifts and it is still a game that joins series of free these days.

The game called "Trivial Pursuit", announced by EA in iPhone/iPod Touch, is currently free for download on AppStore. It's an excellent game, absolutely must take advantage of this offer to all those who have never played. The game is not bad at all!

It is shown that it is within the framework of Operation 12 days of Christmas gifts iTunes "Except beat the appeal, in effect, Apple does this process that normally starts December 26 !

I think the level of questions is not super high, especially as it mcq mode (but what else ...), and suddenly, even not knowing the answer, we can easily deduce ...
Why not add a 4th choice? That would put a little spice ...

Note: You can buy packs of additional questions in the game.

Indeed, as was said a player, the game Trivial Pursuit has also In-App System Purchase therefore for all the questions, we must pay. It is perhaps no coincidence the blow if the application is now free!

Unfortunately, this does not pass on 3G as the application is too heavy. It is the WiFi or iTunes.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

ihusky 3d pet iPhone Game

Do you always dream of having your own pet? While this application will please you!

ihusky 3d pet game is a free iPhone app where you must treat your dog. For now you can only wash it, feed him and change his clothes, but this should surely change as a measure through the updates.

It's cute and charming. It amuses them ... First 2 minutes.
Result, without interest.

PS: You can also pat the dog appear to see the little hearts.

I find cute dog and I like the option that makes him change his clothes but I found the game too much is not limited parts or garden activity has not practiced with the dog so it becomes very boring.
I still prefer my real dog.

It's not terrible at the moment for what can be done, but it is nice, especially free only until the next version.

Sweettooth search bluetooth in iPhone

The developers have done a lot of work to make available the version with a graphical sweettooth. This application will allow you to now to find other Bluetooth devices and to display their addresses.

The next version will therefore have access to all features, including Bluetooth A2DP which allows steri transmit sound to your son without helmets.

How to install Sweettooth app step by step:

- Open "Cydia"
- Press "Sections" in the lower bar
- Press "All Packages" or the category of your application to be installed
- Find the name of your application from the list
- Press it
- Press "Install" at the top right
- Press "Confirm" in the window that opens
- Press the home button once the installation is complete

This is good news. The application I tested on my iphone has wifi detect the camera around however I close the application (even pressed the home button a few seconds) I still have a small bluetooth icon on top right and if I go into BossPrefs I find it is already off mode.

This application only works in 2.2, otherwise reboot loop.

It becomes more and more interresting! Soon the Bluetooth without restrictions?

It is a shame to see the phone the most complete and most expensive in the world market does not always bluetooth stereo and TV in 2009. I detect my pc, my samsung jabra and my neighbor with a little bug after exiting the application.

Howto Change iPhone/iPod Wallpaper & Icons

Howto Change Wallpaper & Icons [iPhone Simple Guide]

First we need two iPhone apps:
* iPhone File Manager
* Image editing program

Change the iPhone/iPod background image + Icons

Step 1:
First you create a folder on the desktop. To designate it as the theme to be called later.

Step 2:
Internet addiction a wallpaper that you like it. Scales & cut it on 320 x 480 to.
Tailored Scaled & Saves the picture in the folder to the folder at Step 1 have created.
Rename the image Wallpaper.png.

Change icons:

Step 3:
Create a second folder where Folder when they have created in Step 1. Rename the Icons

Step 4:
Create an area with GIMP or Photoshop. This must 59 x 59 Pixels in size. Now they can create any icon.
If you made an icon for e.g App Store, Then save it in Icons and nominate this icon App Store.png

How do I get the theme on my iPhone/iPod touch?

- Start the iPhone File Manager program that they have loaded.
- Go to: Library ---> Themes
- Drag the entire folder in there.

After a Respring Can with SBSettings from Cydia, the icons and the wallpaper was changed successfully.

Setting up MobileMe on the iPhone

Here is how to set up MobileMe Account on the iPhone:

First Requirements:

* iTunes 8.2 or later
* iPhone or iPod touch with OS 3.0 or later
* MobileMe account

Apple iPhone Howto Guide:

1.Type on the home screen on "Settings".
2.Type in "mail, contacts, calendar". Make sure that is selected under "data matching" the option "forward immediately."
3.Just type in "account" and choose "MobileMe".
4.Enter your MobileMe account information, and type in the "Save".
5.Mark e.g. Mail, Contacts, Calendar and/or "Bookmarks".

Hearplanet iphone app - Free talking tour guide

HearPlanet is a little audio guide which you will learn more about the landmarks you visit. It's available currently only in English, some reference monuments and cities, most of which are in the united states.
Another good point, the application uses GPS to locate you and so display guides available near you. The texts from Wikipedia and are read by a synthetic voice. Its innovation is I like the idea of reading the wikipedia article is clever.

For now this application HearPlanet is free in the Apple App Store, but will soon pay.

Monday, December 21, 2009

The iPhone 3GS compared again

The iPhone 3GS was compared to the Palm and Motorola Pre Droid.

Since its release, the iPhone has been widely compared to other phones, and has always been more or less "win" level characteristics and statistics ... But this time, the 3GS is seen compared to two of its biggest competitors: the Palm and Motorola Pre Droid. You guessed it, the mobile OS are: OS X Mobile for iPhone, Palm OS to Android Pre and for Motorola.

As you can see, the three motives are more or less equivalent: they each have a store, everyone Fi, roughly the same price, etc..
But again, the iPhone gets beaten in the NPC, which has only 3.0 megapixels (5.0 for the Motorola) and multi-tasking, that our beloved OS X Mobile does not support.
For cons, the iPhone still wins in the number of applications on his store and the voice command (which does not pre).

Three mobile high-end, even if the iPhone is our favorite, are very good smartphones!

If Apple has already come to sell his smartphone with HUGE shortage (Bluetooth, apn, radio and etc.) quesque its going to be when they will add it all up!

Here, as we said in the news 3 phone that is worth. Each has its strengths and weaknesses. And the iphone will probably not come out winner in this comparison because it has lots of apps.

Play sports with iSpeedSport app

Do you need an application that will let you play sports? iSpeedSport iPhone app was designed for people who love to play sports and want a tool to measure their performance and rank them in diary form.

This iPhone application will also calculate the distance you have traveled and how fast, and this incredibly accurate. The graphical interface of the application has been simplified since it will take you only a few seconds to choose between different options and make the application operational.

iSpeedSport is also consistent if you run, cycle, jog, walk, ski or snowboard.

I had tests and it's true it's really very piercing me like very good price that is true but builds upon. With it, I just started running to lose extra pounds.

NOVA, FPS Game from Gameloft, is released

N.O.V.A (Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance) is available on the AppStore! NOVA is revolutionizing the world of FPS (First Personal Shooter understand "shooter in first person"). Developed by Gameloft, the game has just won its 5 stars on the AppStore in just one week, and was compared to other great games such as Driver and Eliminate.

N.O.V.A is not expensive for a game of this incredible quality.

The story is fairly standard: a lone Marine carrying a huge arsenal must overcome an invasion of strange hostile individuals. The game is full of lighting effects and other, and operate your equipment thoroughly: the graphics are superb through 10 levels of adventure.

The title is not long but the variety of levels really makes the game experience enjoyable and unique. There are 6 different types of enemies, each with its own fighting technique, artificial intelligence and a specific "look" unique.

Our character will also, in order to always better defend themselves, acquire new weapons and broadens its scope and its paraphernalia of firepower.
As you can see the first screenshot, the controls are the same as Modern Combat: the virtual analog stick left and trigger shot to right.
Similarly, you should move your finger across the screen in the center to cover or just look around you.

Turning now to the operation of Multiplayer.

This mode is available both in Bluetooth for one against one, that Wi-Fi to extend its supremacy over the world. This allows for various parties to the Halo as capture the flag, etc.. A major innovation has also been added: you can now chat with your teammates through the microphone of your iPhone!
All these elements have obviously extended the life and interest.

NOVA is not a pioneer in its genre, but its value and playability make it a game to have. The multiplayer mode also allows you to have fun with pals, and Gameloft has referred to this blow.

A test of our staff is underway and will be published as soon as possible!

It's a Excellent game. I salute the work of gameloft which has managed to play nice and fluid and a small handling onions.
I also think that the game engine is that of Asphalt 5 because it is the same type of anisotropy (after the limit line display, the textures are pixelated and it shows very high levels in indoor Asphalt as in 5).
It is the one of best iPhone games without problems and is obviously the best and the best FPS on medium. When we see that, we said that Halo Iphone is entirely possible.

It is simply outstanding! Extra short, I finished the normal mode and I go to hard mode.

Dailymotion view YouTube videos in iPhone

So far, There is only the application for viewing YouTube videos from an iPhone/iPod Touch. The site Daylimotion was an adaptation for iPhone but no application to her own.

Today, the application Dailymotion appeared on the AppStore. Two versions are available, and many features are proposed. They allow you to view videos anywhere through EDGE/3G network or WiFi.

With Dailymotion iphone app, you can do:

* Easily search and find videos
* Access your account Dailymotion
* Discover the latest viral hits
* Explore new videos featured every day (shorts, clips, trailers, animations, etc..)
* Surf 15 channels (News and Politics, Entertainment, Music, Movies & Television, Sport ...)

And for iPhone 3GS, a small option is also available: you can record and upload videos directly from your Dailymotion account!
With the App Dailymotion, you can take full advantage of the platform Dailymotion directly from your iPhone. In addition, the Premium version offers the possibility of no longer having to endure commercials. The app is really good! A bit faster than the mobile version.

Will you go to YouTube by Dailymotion?

It was expected that application, and finally it arrives on our small screens, I'll probably spend the money needed for the premium version ...

Nice iphone photo application: Color Splash

Color Splash costs € 0.79 in AppStore. 50% cheaper than otherwise may turn Colorsplash any photo to grayscale images that can be selected areas, however, continue to color and works perfectly in most cases. A nice little gimmick.

Color Splash is nice app, as opposed to the Best Camera, CameraBag, but quickly makes no fun anymore. There have been deleted in favor of other photo editing programs.

Even great thing you can do right now in this direction on the iPhone. For many small things we need no longer to download photos to your Mac/Pc! You can zoom in so, so you can get out pretty good results.

The images will be recalculated with 640×480. For an iPhone 3G should watch on the iPhone quite nicely - but sync with Mac/PC and watch on big screen or print out the pictures!

iphone folders app - access iPhone through the Windows Explorer

IPhone Folders app, whih is a web application, is a system extension for Windows Explorer and allows to directly access the iPhone filesystem.

iPhone folders can be both compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. On a jailbroken iPhone to use as well as in an unmodified device - no jailbreak your iPhone has folders but only to access the Media folder of the iPhone.

Using this extension, you can browse your phone filesystem, copy files to and from it, open files directly from iPhone, create shortcuts to folders on iPhone. In programmed mode it will display thumbnail previews of png and jpg files on phone, application icons for installed applications.

It's a great tool, but too bad that I'm here at work and at school no admin rights, then perhaps it needs to make do with ifunbox. With Win 7 64-bit test, iPhone Folders does not work and can only access the pictures, as well as without tool. Win 7 32-bit it works wonderfully.

For me in Windows XP I see the Folders Explorer iPhone, including a folder with the name of my iphone and this system folder with the following contents: Application Archives, Categories, DCIM, Downloads, iTunes_Control, photos, podcasts, public staging, purchases, Recordings, Safari.
Obviously a few folders and not really all the system folder but I am very happy with it!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Gorillacam iPhone app - iPhone Camera Self-Timer

Gorillacam is an application created by the company Joby already known for its tripod "Gorillamobile" to fix his iPhone and get stability and perfect for your photos.

This application provides more features for the camera of your iPhone, and above all it is FREE! So Gorillacam spices up iPhone's camera.

With Gorillacam, you can:

* Timer with timer.
* Time Lapse: creating videos from your photos
* Rapid Fire: You can take up to 1.6 frames per second!
* Ability to take a picture by clicking anywhere on the screen
* Ability to send a photo directly by email without leaving the application
* And more...

Recycle your Mobile by Love2Recycle service

Are you the type to keep your old mobile? You tell me as it is not worth as much to keep in case .. You're right!

But there is a service to recycle cell phones/mobile old or new, functional or not a fee. You can search for an instant price and get cash for your old mobile phone. Such as Nokia, iphone, Sony, Samsung, LG, and etc...

Visit the site to get more informations.

Remote 4 Media Player control your media player

Do you want to control your media player remotely via your wireless network? Try Remote 4 Media Player please.

Among the many applications, such as remote control, can be found on the appstore. There is one that will please fans of VLC, XMMS2 or Rhythmbox.

Remote 4 Media Player allows you to control VLC effect on MacOS X, Windows and Linux via your wireless LAN. Users of known Linux distributions such as Ubuntu or Fedora are not left since the application can drive Rhythmbox and XMMS2.

Interestingly for fans of multistation, it lets you use your iPhone as a remote for your freebox via VLC course. It has indeed a special box.

What's its features:

* See the cover of your albums directly on your iPhone/iPod Touch
* Play related youtube videos on your media player, YouTubeApp or your iPhone/iPod Touch
* Control the playback of your albums, podcasts, web radios, videos etc.
* Access to your playlists
* Discover the biography and artist photos of your music library
* Watch youtube videos related to the song you are listening to
* Access to lyrics of your favorite songs

Bookstores find on the iPhone

If you are going to look for a bookstore, now just only need to ask your iPhone.

The small free iphone app called Paper Radar road provides access to the contact details of bookstores near the current location. This is determined using the position of the iPhone from a database of more than 6,000 bookstores, the nearest shops. You can send directly from the book Radar from an email to the bookstore, call them or have them appear in maps.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Live on Xbox 360 Live with iPhone

It is already in the App Store that allows multiple applications to connect to Xbox Live from Microsoft, but the latest, 360 Live, could fill the players who can not bear to stay away from their network when they are not at their console.

Through a process described as being secure, the application will go into effect automatically retrieve your contact list and you present it in an organized way, showing by example that is online and who is not. For each of his contacts, we can access the player profile, including scores in part or in online history of games played.

Better still, we can also send messages to their contacts directly from Xbox Live application. Other applications of the same gender, it is noted that 360 Live to retrieve his contacts automatically, while many ask what they are entered by hand. However, we have not tested. Your feedback is welcome so if you offer it.

It apparently works well. But sometimes still it take a long time to log into in the section. And that is exactly what is advertised:

* Logs in to the xbox live account.
* Displays the status of contacts online/offline activity with current or recent activity.
* Allows players to view statistics (name, location, reputation, message of bio, list of games played with the scores and the list of success)
* Provides access to their inbox (not voicemail) and send messages to 1 or more recipients.

The interface is simple, clear and pretty. The players icons, games, general presentation are of good quality.The landscape mode to display the list of friends xbox so by cons shame not to see the different topics in landscape mode.

Practice particular about who plays or send a message without having to launch the console or go on the xbox site.

I am the procured, the application is interesting. But I like to offer it, for example, to launch a download from my iPhone to the Xbox, as it is possible to do on the web interface of Xbox Live. After that, I hope this application evolves.

Twitter 360 iPhone 3Gs app locate through augmented reality

Twitter 360 is a Twitter client for iphone that lets you see through the camera of your iPhone 3GS, which are around you the people you follow on Twitter. To do this, the application takes advantage of geolocation data from the recently integrated social network.

Twitter 360 is thus at first like a conventional Twitter client. Two additional views are available. However the first is thus based on the concept of augmented reality. And if you are near a contact that Twitter accepts that the site uses its geographical information, you can see it appear superimposed on what you shoot with your iPhone.

The second mode, which is ultimately the most practical, is integrated with Google Maps. On the map, you find again the location of your Twitter contacts. That should delight Twitter addicts, especially in urban centers such as Paris, where one has a good chance of being close to some of his contacts. Here is a short video presentation, and since we are talking about Twitter, you are invited to take account of the iPhone Blog, to be kept informed in real time of the publication of new articles.

Twitter 360 is a super practical application to meet his followers and followings in real life. Twitter 360 is sold only $3 on the App Store. Try it!

Square iphone payment system

Square iPhone Payment System is coming now. Square iphone payment system takes the form of a cube with a dock connector just to stay in your iPhone. Combined with the corresponding application, this cube allows you to read and to charge a credit card equipped with a magnetic strip. On the screen of the iPhone, the buyer is prompted for his signature finger to validate the transaction.

The goal is obviously to offer payment very simple and totally secure. As a real payment terminal, the iPhone sends information read from the card and registers the deed of purchase directly. A receipt is sent immediately by SMS or email. Unlike the methods of payment by credit card traditional Square does not require setup fee service, or contract signing. However, a committee would, as always, from the amount of the transaction. I think that Square iPhone Credit-Card Reader will change the Banking Game.

Terminals Square, which eventually should be able to run on any phone with a jack, will be distributed free or at very low price, promised Jack Dorsey. Reserved for micro-transactions, limited to $ 60 initially, they could also be used to exchange money between individuals.

Already occupied by many actors, beginning with Paypal, the market for micro-payments via mobile is a strong trend, already democratized Asia. It remains to be seen whether Square will prove the solution of choice for small businesses and individuals. Below is a video demonstration conducted Wednesday morning in Paris. As can be seen, Jack Dorsey has been the victim of so-called demo effects, namely that nothing ever works as we would when making a presentation in public!

I saw a report on Japan. We could see that using a mobile phone to pay was in common use. Before that can happen to us would have to telephone subscriptions fall by 80%!

Need for Speed Shift now Available in App Store

Need for Speed Shift (about 7,99 euro) is available in the App Store.

The latest iPhone port of the popular racing simulation series offers 20 licensed vehicles (Audi, BMW, Lamborghini, Porsche, etc.) and a total of 18 tracks to choose from. About Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, the ability to race in multiplayer mode is to drive, also can individually tune the vehicles and to build its own "racing character on".

Need for Speed Undercover ran smoothly as well as other games so far. If it would not run fluently and Electronic Arts would not have Quoted, it would've been a huge scandal.

The Games is SUPER, it had also bought some this morning. It runs without problems. The game has great graphics and runs absolutely smoothly on my iPhone 2G.

Raytheon's iPhone app - the soldier's basic equipment

It would probably be no more doubts on the military capabilities of the iPhone. A fact that is probably arrived by now also in the defense industry. Thus, the American military outfitters Raytheon has now introduced an iPhone application that will help with the real-time location of "enemy troops".

The software "One Force Tracker" combines internet, GPS functionality and accelerometers of the iPhone to "can react with multimedia features such as GPS maps, audio and text messages, planning software, and emergency facilities directly to new situations in the fight.

Well, the accuracy of integrated GPS enemy troops have not a lot to fear. Since I make me more concerned about the poor civilians.
The funny ideas come on!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Download Spotify for mac to enjoy music

Spotify for mac is a software designed to allow us to enjoy the music that the internet has to offer, and only have to scan the music you want to hear to make the program do the rest without us having to worry about the rest.

With a really simple interface, this program has fans around the world. It is not necessary to spend much time learning how to use this program and use that time to enjoy the music.

The Music Library of Spotify is incredible and the servers are full of content, needless to say that it is only quality content, what will we ever get tired of hearing the same music because it simply is very difficult as the music itself.

Even has options to create our own playlists, CD quality, to hear the musical themes which one we like, and we can even share it on social networks or other users of the application.

So for all Max OS X users seeking an alternative to free mp3 download. Spotify may be the program they were seeking.

Download Spotify for mac:

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Gyminee iphone app

Gyminee is a very good Fitness Social Network service that is proving to be an excellent "fitness" guide to help you to lose weight and carry out physical activities. Then you will take your body in hand with this network by a little effort.

Gyminee has a library of very detailed work which is present in the database. You can then build your training program and note any changes in your weight, heart rate, breathing ...

For example, in the "food"category, you can get a wide choice of food building a nutritional schedule for you at the top. You can train a group of friends and share exercises and tips with your buddies at the gym.

Other features are noted as an opportunity to launch challenges or access to more services by participating in the PRO version (with charge).

You even get a version of Gyminee for Iphone and track your health and fitness from your iPhone.
After running the Gyminee in Iphone, you can find the Food Search box at the top of the screen. Then Type in the food you want to eat and click go. Gyminee will give you an exact match information and you can tap the "+1" button to recorde. You can also add the full Nutrition Facts to your Favorite Foods and customize your food entry. So i think it is as easy as possible, if you do multiple times every day.

And you can get the videos from Gyminee. That will teach you that how to perform exercises. This iphone app is usability.

Yoritsuki - visite the fictional Japanese inn

Have you visited the Japanese inn? When you travel in Japan, you can look in the guest room out back outside and watch the changing of the seasons. The outside world is alive: the snow falls, chirping birds and falling leaves of the cherry blossom trees. At least as iPhone app is rely on the winter, the colorful autumn gives way to the snowed winter landscape. In the traditional course, the space may Sliding partitions is not missing, who are also the only interactive element in Yoritsuki.

The Yoritsuki iPhone app displays the current time and is certainly in full screen mode as a clock, even in the absence of an alarm clock. The graphics and sound is great attention to detail lies. It has observed something relaxing the animations.
It can even switch between different Shojis. Yoritsuki change has a lot of style and you have not Japanophil to dwell a while on the virtual tatami mats of the guest room and fascinates between the seasons, day and night.

Park’n Find iPhone app

Park’n Find is a navigation shareware software with user-friendly interface in English. But in contrast, it is a very complete software that will manage the parking time (handy for parking meters) with the geolocation accuracy level. And Find Park'n can remember where you parked and help you find your car easily and end time of parking.

Park’n Find marks your parked location on a map by the iPhone’s GPS tracking system. It is very accurate and is also possible to mark the location of your car in a field with packing in the level, section, row and seat number .... A voice memo can be associated with the location of your parking space. When you return to your car, Park’n Find tell you how to go there directly within a few feet. With this software, not only do you lose more than your car but the more you save the time! Especially if you have a fleet of cars, it is possible to manage multiple locations simultaneously.

In my mind, it's a great addition iphone application for some people, such as shoppers, avid travelers and etc... Although its bargain $.99 price tag, Park’n Find is better than other useful applications, for example, the amusement park, downtown events and the hospital parking garage. So you can go to the App Store to download it and have a test.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Get A Balloon For Your iPhone

Anyone with children knows the following job states: a balloon with a postcard that bears can get your address and then wait until the Finder provides the card with a unique address and unleashing. The post tells you where the balloon is flown.

And You will not guess: even sure there is now an app. Balloons are available in two versions on the App Store: the Full for $2.99 or free Lite Version. I once downloaded the Lite version on my iPhone. The whole thing just seems to be:

1. Choose a balloon
2. Add photo and message
3. Send up the balloon and wait curious to see who finds him and how far it flies.

Free Endless Racing Game

Endless Racing Game sponsored by a Dutch online insurance company is just a free straight-out racing game for iphone. If you don’t like to play the game with others, you can try it. It has two modes: Single Player and Multiplayer. When you play in Single Player mode, the game will end in 60 seconds. It is so simple to drive a real car in the game. But you need to watch out for oncoming/ongoing traffic and ducks in the road.

How to paly Endless Racing Game:
Left button: brake
Right button: accelerate
The iPhone’s accelerometer: steer the car

Playboy iPhone app review

It's the fact that the Playboy iPhone app which costs $1.99 approved by App Store.

Until now, Apple had been quite reluctant to the arrival of applications charming on its iPhone. But even this precept seems prudish changing with the arrival of any recent application of Playboy on the App Store.

Owners of iPhone and iPod touch will be able to get an eyeful during their journey through the application launched by Playboy. If applications of this kind are rare and already existing on the App Store, it is nonetheless surprising to see in land application signed by the giant American charm.

However, Playboy had to contain no nudity. However. Users will find the various sections of the magazine such as interviews, the counselor or the 20 questions, but also photos and video.

The Playboy magazine have to compromise: The naked woman is not allow to appear on the application, which is confined to display the magazine cover, and they should make some additional information in the form of course text.

You can access the following content by The Playboy iPhone app:

* Playmate photos and videos
* The famous Playboy Party Jokes
* Some wallpaper of the Playmate.
* Fashion tips
* Read the candid conversations from Playboy Interviews

Playboy is not porn and they are just naked girls. I do not understand that Apple is so prudish thereupon to prohibit topless on its store. It's really stupid. If tomorrow they want to break into the digital media, they will have to make efforts on that.

It does not have a big impact on media as small as the iPhone, but on a tablet if you can not see at least some pretty nude girls, this will flow inevitably this medium.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

ICal Server

ICal Server is based on the CalDAV standard that allows cross-platform to use, and manages the exchange formats like iMIP, iCalendar and iTIP. To use iCal Server, all workstations must have iCal 3 comes standard with Leopard. ICal Server allows the management of individuals, groups, places, resources and supports a large number of users increased performance with Xsan (clustering).

Friday, December 11, 2009

Toggle ssh iphone

How to ssh into ipod touch or iphone? Try toggle ssh.

With the iPhone you can find a iphone app called ToggleSSH which can quickly turn on or then off SSH service. What is SSH? SSH means secure shell and allows data to be exchanged over a secure channel. For Example you can use SSH to create an encrypted network connection between your computer and the iPhone. This requires an installed OpenSSH and the SSH service switched to the iPhone.

If you you have installed BossPrefs, I think ToggleSSH is superfluous. BossPrefs still supports a lot more services, such as WiFi, Bluetooth, EDGE and including the SSH service. My recommendation is that BossPrefs instead of ToggleSSH. Because BossPrefs is more useful than ToggleSSH.

Download AppZapper for Mac

AppZapper is a useful utility designed for people who want to uninstall their applications in Mac os. Not just the executable file, but also any preference files that are unnecessarily on your hard drive. Its use is childishly simple. You just move the application folder or the application itself on the AppZapper window and confirm your decision. The deletion is immediate. To avoid untoward deletions, it is possible to put applications to never delete a list of software untouchable.
With the help of AppZapper, you can have the solution to the problem of files related to applications. AppZapper allows you to find all files related to an application by a simple click and you can delete them.

Its compatible: Mac 10.4 (Tiger Intel),10.4 (Tiger Power PC),10.4 (Tiger Universal Binaries),10.5 (Leopard Intel)

Download AppZapper for Mac

Thursday, December 10, 2009

xewton music studio review iphone app

An iPhone app for music fans, producers and DJs. Would you like to go to produce music, change tracks and try a little? It's Xewton Music ...

The App Store from Apple, there is now a huge number of iPhone apps and still manage a few big to be noticed. Quality is made by flat. This includes the development of Alexander Gross "Xewton Music Studio".

With this app, it is possible to compose his own music on the iPhone that previously only possible with an expensive PC software and audio hardware. The Xewton Music Studio offers over 21 different musical instruments that have been professionally recorded in a recording studio. The musical instruments are operated on a 85-key keyboard. The keyboard can slide through and pinch gestures, even while playing, be scrolled and zoomed. Among the 21 musical instruments are among others: drums, piano, cello, alto saxophone, electric bass, 3-D Guitar, 3 synths and etc.

The app has four real-time effects, reverb, delay, a 128-track sequencer, a Score Editor and many other functions that are displayed on the user-friendly interface. In addition, you can stack one above the two keyboards, and then play two instruments simultaneously. In the case of a call, the project is automatically saved to suffer any loss of data. If a project is finished, it is possible to export the software with the song in the wav format.

First, the truly "professional"-looking price falls to just under $ 15. For iPhone, the situation is already quite a lot and the expectations high.

After the start, these expectations are not disappointed. Sections of 7 points to the program that you can switch at the top. The first is an on-screen keyboard, with which you can play instruments live, or record immediately.

In the second section can be selected to the instruments. Of these, there are a total of 21, which is not exactly outstanding, but should simply be orchestrated songs erstmal sufficient. The classical acoustic instruments are in the majority. There are exactly 3 synth sounds (Fat Synth Lead, Synth bass and Dream Pad). Unfortunately, the sound editing and not particularly good. In addition to attack and release can be set anything. The sound of the instruments for iPod ratios very well. Of course, no comparison with good libraries for professional software such as NI contact on PC and Mac.

The new music app by Alexander Gross is not just for amateur musicians. Xewton Music Studio is THE app for spontaneous music-productions.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

2XL Supercross iphone motorcycle game

Are you tired of games like Ferrari GT cars or few motorcycles games that do not excel both in terms of graphics and gameplay. As well Moto Chaser game 2XL Supercross will surely please you! 2XL Supercross is one of racing games motorcycle road most realistic ever developed for mobile platforms. The game was developed by 2XL Games, a team of motorcycle enthusiasts to the original Motocross Madness, ATV Offroad Fury and MX Unleashed.

2XL Supercross 2009 is a simulation based on sequences of jumps in the indoor circuit.

You can accomplish on the slopes of double and triple jumps and a series of whoops and other figures created by Stephane Roncada, Supercross Champion of the United States.

The game offers 2XL Supercross:

* Three game modes: Single Race, Time Trial, Training
* Choose a 150cc motorcycle, 250cc or 450cc
* Personalize your appearance with hundreds of combinations of driver and motorcycle
* 13 tracks of Supercross and Freestyle designed by the champion Stephane Roncada
* Available in five languages: French, English, Italian, German and Spanish

When you play the game in iphone, you will feel like you are really riding the bike. It's great! Now 2XL Supercross game for iphone in the apple store costs $7.99.

How to store phone numbers with attachments

This tip can be very useful for you.

Although almost all have cell phones and when we want to communicate with someone, we always call it directly. There are always cases in which some contact gives us his work number, and enclosure (unless the General Manager and has direct number).

Well, this tip is to keep the numbers with the annexes to the mark. First contact the plant, and then automatically dial the Annex. It's simple, just have to put a pause between the main number and the Annex. To do this, they are within the Application Contacts. And wish to add a number to any of them, at the bottom left (the first picture you see above left) will see a key that gives them another view (the second photo the arriva see right), and there or symbols is a button that says Pause, Which will add a comma and a space, and then return to the menu number to add the annex. And presto, the next time they call, the iPhone will automatically pause and then dial the stored Annex and communicate with the desired person.

I hope you find it useful.

Handbrake for Mac now supports 64-bit

For all fans of ripping content from their DVDs (I am one of the largest), It's Good news that the great application Handbrake (which in itself is excellent as it is) just actulizar its version 0.9.4. In addition to many improvements, now Handbrake supports 64-bit technology that is available in Snow Leopard and certain teams that do not have it.

By supporting this technology, the creators promise Handbrake increased ripping speed of over 10%, Which no doubt comes not bad at all. What hurts us is not the price, since Handbrake is free.

Handbrake is a very good application. It's good that now come with 64-bit support.

Mac Finder application Introduction

The Finder application is perhaps the least understood and most used both the Mac throughout. Let's see what exactly is and how it works:

The Finder is an application that allows us to view, organize, manage, and find anything in our Mac, as well as Windows Explorer on a PC. It's just always operative, is much more versatile and is much better integrated with the system.

In addition, the Finder is always active so you can access at any time and allows us to see so much information on the disk of our Mac or information of any disk or external volume connected to it.

Anatomy of a Finder window

All Finder windows have a sidebar that gives us access to some of the most used elements of our Mac

The sidebar is divided into 4 sections:

* Devices: Here are the hard drive, CDs, DVDs, external drives.
* Share: Here you will see other Macs, PCs and servers connected to the network.
* Locations: Here are the desktop, documents, folders of music, video and others.
* Search: A place where you will find the most recently created.

At the top of any Finder window are the Display buttons. That allow us to see the icons of windows on large size text list (including details of each file) Columns View, Which I think is the easiest to navigate, and finally we have the light of CoverFlow. That allows us to navigate through the list of elements that we are exploring the window as if we were sailing through the covers of various albums on iTunes. In fact, if set, will see that most of the Finder's interface is look very much like that of iTunes, mainly due to the public's familiarity with Apple's music application.

If you have Snow Leopard, when you are in icon view you can resize them with the slider located on the bottom right of the window.

Wooden Labyrinth 3d - iPhone Game Review

Wooden Labyrinth 3D for iPhone is a new and very popular skill game. How to paly the game: Navigate the ball through the maze without falling while in one of the holes. Its operation is very simple and simple. You just move the ball by inclinating and tilting the iPhone. A peculiarity of this game has many maze games. You can jump to get the ball on and down the iPhone. This is necessary in order to jump over small obstacles.

In the Lite version you have only a few levels to choose from, thereby it will quickly become boring. The free levels are quickly played through. In the full version 180 levels are available. In addition, you can turn in line Level Editor to create and download more levels. Thus, one has to produce a theoretically infinite number of levels.

Before you begin to play Wooden Maze 3D, you should calibrate it. It is very easy to equip it. Just bring your iPhone into a straight position, for example, putting it on a table and press under options on calibrate. That's it!

The background music that you can also issue is very pleasant and disrupts progress in the game at all. On the whole, a successful game with many levels and great service.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Apple increases iPhone 3GS sales

Saling iPhone 3GS are looking good, and even exceed all expectations....

Indeed, Apple had sold no less than 7.4 million devices in a single quarterAnd still counting .....

The powerful competitors can never make an "iPhone", which is and will remain an exception in the world of communicating devices.

I am more fearful about the concept of success. The facts that iPhone is selling very well, but it is not new. 3G is already selling very well and 3GS is simply a continuation of 3G. It would be better to see how many people have switched from 3G to 3GS. This is not a generality I think.

Skitch - Funny image editor app for Mac

Skitch is a Mac application that has raised many expectations. Mainly because it's the creators that Comic Life. The site included in MacOS X Tiger.

The interface of Skitch is very curved. It is the familiar environment of all applications in OS X, but has in common with these quality of finish.

With Skitch we can capture a screenshot directly from the iSight or open an existing image.

The editing possibilities are basic, but sufficient for these programs: Boxes, circles, lines, text, arrows and color fill. When creating text, it automatically adds an outer edge to make it more remarkable. It's Nice touch.

When you save an image edited, press the button that says 'Drag me' and drag it where we want to save the image.

No doubt that Skitch is an excellent tool when making tutorials such as the use of text and arrows is tremendously useful.

LimeWire - p2p application for Mac

Internet file sharing is very common and much more so thanks to the implementation of P2P protocol (peer-to-peer) With which we can connect users to other networks and share the files that we authorize the time we downloaded the files from the other end.

This method is very good for Free Music or download movies, Which has prompted countless file-sharing programs based on this protocol.

LimeWire which is one of the best p2p programs, now also available for Mac users with the same features that have been at the top.

LimeWire works with the Gnutella Network. And with that can download multiple file formats such as music files, videos, documents, and many more multimedia content with a very high speed, Because it uses UDP host cache.

It is really easy to use and its interface is intuitive, since it automatically connects to servers and gives us the option to filter our searches to make sure quickly find what you're looking for.

Another very nice feature to have is support for BitTorrent, Making this program a hybrid when downloading files, it will be very difficult to not find what you're looking for.

Pzizz Review - Solve Sleep

We are not talking about an implant or pill that will make us enter Wonderland in seconds, but a combination of sounds that can guide us to a state more prone to relaxation. Although the stimulus sounds we enjoy the best reputation, it is known that a relaxation technique carried by a good guide with a deep enough voice and reassuring - programmed using neurolinguistic systems - can have very good effects. Pzizz that voice has quietly and clearly needed to generate a pleasant state in conjunction with natural sounds/environmental, and also help us sleep.

The system Pzizz offers two types of solutions: a version for sleep soundly and another for a energizing rest - Or a combination of both. For our part we tested the track energizing 15 minutes, and after achieving a relaxed state (in the middle of business hours) we returned to our work with some welcome changes. No, it was as if we had taken a Red Bull, but without a doubt we feel a little more likely to continue with the long day.

You can download for free a energizing tracks or naps. But if you buy the product you can enjoy a wide variety of tapes which makes the activity does not become routine. The cost of complete package Pzizz is € 36, while the rest energy modules or separately are € 22. The only problem we encountered when you do not have a version in Spanish, and though the sounds themselves can relax, enjoy the real experience is understanding the voice instructions guide.

Pzizz has released Pzizz sleep to the App Store. It cost $2.99 now, but it will be increased the price up to $9.99 on December the 14th.

geoSpark, a simple and fun iphone game

Sometimes when you comes to choosing a game to pass the time, it is best to find something simple but fun and more importantly, we find geoSpark for iphone attractive as to give cane for a while.

GeoSpark is a game that meets in my view these assumptions, although perhaps excessive simplicity. Is that we should go coupled sparks (sparks) the same color, so we can make them go away and go some points. Now then, as clashes with the other color, game over.

GeoSpark is now available in the App Store. The game is not free. But a wise decision you have made the minimum price $.99.

The game is very simple, but I found it very entertaining. Chaining sparks is similar but more time passed. It becomes competitive. Greetings.

WolframAlpha brings out iPhone App

The information search engine WolframAlpha has released an iPhone app called
WolframAlpha, which costs € 39.99 if you offer it.

Under also an iPhone optimized version of the website is available.

I have to compare some results of the iPhone app screenshots with the free iPhone-optimized page and found that some, particularly the graphics, better (and probably faster) will be issued. In addition, the app provides the possibility to insert special characters, otherwise on the iPhone does not or can be found only by a roundabout route.

Who pays the price
At first glance, then the purchase of WolframAlpha iPhone App only for people who Every day, mobile Related information from the page WolframAlpha want. Who WolframAlpha only sporadic use, can draw a clear conscience on the iPhone optimized, free version.

Apple's Lala Acquisition, new approach to music via streaming

Apple's major movement in music and the internet:
After rumors that began this past Friday, on Saturday confirmed that apple bought the music service via streaming Lala.

Although that iTunes dominates the market for music sales online Lala purchase makes sense. Because music services via streaming such as Spotify, are achieving increasing market share and Apple does not want to be left behind.

So far Apple has not disclosed exactly what you want with the acquisition of Lala, but what is clear is that the iTunes model has to evolve and sooner or later incorporated music via streaming between its bid. With the purchase of several exciting technologies are being related to distribution, profitability and music storage online developed by engineers from Lala.

Every time it gets more interesting the music scene via streaming. But still need further study and improve some importance: profitability models. For example Spotify still not generate the revenue needed and according to rumors in the case have been to Lala who knock on the door of Apple to negotiate and forecasts indicated that the benefits soon be available.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Font Sleuth 2, comfortably controlled the sources of Mac OS X

For those who work often with typographic fonts, such as designers or typesetters, here is a good alternative to Font Book in Mac OS X to manage system fonts: Font Sleuth, whose second version brings some new features like the quick overview of all the letters with the ability to vary the color or size.

The search program has also been improved and include source groups configured by the same user in the sidebar. After testing I have to say that good advantage is that the application meets all of its functions in a discrete window in which all elements are concentrated in a style that is very similar to the Finder.

Font Sleuth need at least version 10.4 of Mac OS X to run and is priced at $ 12. But it is scheduled to rise to $ 15 (about 9.99 euros). Those who have the previous version 1.x can upgrade to implementing the second version is completely free.

Flight Control iPhone game

Flight Control is one of the sensations of the AppStore, for its simplicity and playability. Until you've tried do not know what fun it is and when you try and pass you hooked a good time playing. You become an air traffic controller and you must lead a growing number of planes to the runway without colliding with each other and to land. The difficulty will increase as more aircraft arrive. It costs € 0.79. I highly Recommended.

Battle for Wesnoth (Mac) Review

About Battle for Wesnoth:
Battle for Wesnoth is a strategy game of the old school for Mac OS X. The proper use of existing resources is needed here. One should think carefully about when and where it begins what his warriors. For there is a difference whether one of those undead fights in the day or night, or whether elect a knight or a warrior elf the open field to his battlefield.

Battle for Wesnoth can be played in multiplayer mode. Both via the Internet or via LAN can be fought here. Anyone who wants can fight out with a friend as an ally against the CPU battle.

A simple graphic on the first glance difficult to imagine that this is a game with addictive handelt.Optisch it is reminiscent of an Amiga Deluxe Version eg Zelda, etc., but it is well thought out and the menu and find it quickly in the Internet connection, by the using logic as a strategy game much like chess, because it does not matter how his male characters can recommend everything together very much.

The game is very nice because you do not have as much stress as in many other, more modern strategy games.

Art of Illusion (mac) 3D modeling and rendering studio

Art of Illusion is a Java-based 3D modeling and speech Ring Suite. Likewise rapidly developed to the commercial use Art of Illusion has all the necessary tools for creating, ANMI and rendering of objects. However, Art of Illusion is not comparable with products such as Cinema 3D.

Art of Illusion requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later

Top tips for iPod Touch

* Adjust the volume when it is blocked
Did you know that you can adjust the volume of your iPod Touch even if it is blocked? Double click on the Menu button. Then you will see a menu with the ability to control the volume.

* Deleting a video
To delete a video, simply click on the icon "Video", slide your finger to the left (or right) on the video you want to delete, and here we see a button that will allow us to remove it. That is simple.

* Pausing when locked
As you adjust the volume when the iPod Touch is blocked, following the same steps that we have given in under "adjust volume", you can also pause the song or even move to the next track.

* Using special characters when writing
Holding the keyboard in active mode, hold the key that contains special characters. You will get a window with different options to choose from on the letters.

BombSquad - the free minesweeper game for Mac

BombSquad is a free game for Mac. It is "inspired" in the typical minesweeper puzzle game.

BombSquad has "Aqua" interface and ndividual preferences for sound. It also has some features such as "Zap Clicks", "Crunch Time", an online record book.

The ground rules are well known, and are only to locate a number of bombs found in a square board. It can mark the positions where we believe there is a bomb.

Its Minimum requirement: Mac OS X 10.3 - 10.5.

Simple WindowSets places your Finder windows as you want

Today I discovered an application that was looking for a long time. It is Simple WindowSet.

When copied from one place to another is a bit complicated if you do not open more than one sale at a time. If so, simply drag from one to another and everything will be copied. But it depends what you want to place my windows copy is not the same way, nor do I have the same windows open.

Simple WindowSets can create a set of windows at any time and it memorized all its property, from the size, position, selected file, etc.

I have such a provision in windows when I move my downloaded files series to its rightful place. Use one for when I published some articles with a Finder window where the images have another Finder window where I have the program, and these are in the corners of the screen to not disturb.

Clicking on the set that I want to close, windows that do not correspond to the Set and open the need to perfect.

To create a new Set is as simple as placing Finder windows as we memorize the application and click on New Set. To restore a Set, we pick a saved and click Set Restore. Easy, simple and effective.

The program has a cost of $9.95. But you can download a fully functional trial version for 7 days.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

MiKandi: App Store for adults

My MiKandi is an application similar to Apple's App Store. Its ability to manage applications in different categories, support for review, scoring and basically its function is to serve as a download center for other applications. The single biggest difference is that Its content is intended for adults (for over 18 years).

Surely some telephone users with Google Android already be aware of this application. It appears that you are receiving a great response on that platform. Now developers have said they are developing a new version compatible with the iPhone/iPod Touch and other devices.

But the bad news is only available for devices with jailbreak. So that 90% of users worldwide are already fully discarded for using MiKandi.

Apple by no means allow such applications to the official iPhone/iPod Touch, so many developers have to choose between alternative ways to enter the iPhone market. In this case should be available soon in Cydia Store channels.

Problems with the Magic Mouse on Mac Pro

It could not have otherwise had to pass. Have been detected early problems with the Magic Mouse. This time not directly affect the mouse, but one of the teams Apple.

Apparently there have been problems of communication between Magic Mouse and the Mac Pro this year. The problem seems to be some sort of problem with the bluetooth antenna location within the team and that means that in certain circumstances communication between the computer and the mouse is not good enough to work normally.

Hopefully Apple will put the batteries and can solve this problem as soon as possible, even if it is true that the errors are caused by the location of the antenna. Sure the solution is not as simple you would expect. What will Apple now? This happens any user of a Mac Pro Magic Mouse?

In particular I am using a Magic Mouse with a MacBook (early 2008) and so far I have not had any problem. It seems that there is any communication problem and the truth that the mouse works really well.

My friend have this problem since he bought the mac pro six months ago. Others tell he that because he have interference with her phone modem as the acts at 2.4Ghz wifi. But he had taken off the wifi. And he have another mac (imac 17 ") and does not happen.

I have this problem after i have a Mac Pro this year. The Magic Mouse with rechargeable batteries to 100% acts as a mouse with batteries, does not respond to every movement.

Totemo - Free iPhone game of the day

Do you want to soothe your mind and train your brain by a iphone game. Try the free iPhone game called Totemo. This is a puzzle game offering 60 levels. Indeed it is a very right game for those who love puzzles. Progressive levels of difficulty and achieve well.
I find it excellent, very aesthetic, the best game in the series so far ... It kept me busy for a good hour. I love this kind of game.

How do you think?

The iPod Touch 3G faster than the previous one

The iPod Touch version 3 launched Apple is a new iPod Touch. Even if no physical alteration is visible. It likes the passage of the iPhone 3G to the iPhone 3GS.

Indeed, the internal components have changed. And especially the new generation iPod Touch was announced as twice faster than previous Apple. This is confirmed by a test published by site.

We recover the consistency range Apple between the iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch 3G. Both including more powerful to run 3D games (using Open GL ES 2.0), allowing application developers to have comparable models.

It is clear that the 3/4 games are very well visually, technically. But often the gameplay is very weak.... During a game console on laptop nothing beats real hardware buttons.

The touchscreen works well on games designed for touch instead of adapting games that are made to be played at the pad (sandstorm, gangsta, assassin's creed and etc...)

In addition, since the release of this model, the iPod Touch 3G is more clearly presented by Apple as an alternative to portable game consoles from Sony and Nintendo.

QVC launches apps for iPhone on App Store

If you're a fan of QVC, the company being one of the world's leading multimedia retailers, is launching an application for iPhone and iPod touch on the App Store. the app enables you to waste your money wherever you go. The application is designed to allow users to use the shop QVC anywhere.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Babel Rising next game Bulkypix

Submitted to Apple yesterday, the latest addition Bulkypix called Babel Rising and offers of God incarnate in order to prevent humans to build the famous Tower of Babel.
The screenshot of the game looks very good. Side "sadistic" the gameplay seems really twisted and obviously recalls the famous Pocket God!

The goal of the game is original, slow down the possible construction of the tower by humans. And to make you use the range of powers will be conferred: lightning, tornado, fire from heaven, earthquakes and tsunamis. You can even crush them one by one with the "finger of God"!

The game will be available before Christmas at a price of 1.99 €.

The information about White Birds Productions:

Created in 2003, White Birds is a studio creating video games based near Paris. Specialist value-added games narrative and known for its graphic, the studio has produced over 15 titles on the main platforms of the market. On the iPhone, White Birds has an editorial policy ambitious and wants to propose innovative and original content in addition to adaptations of his great adventure games.

Blackberry messenger New iPhone free chat software

For iPhone, there are several chat software comparable to the famous Blackberry messenger, very popular with its users. It is indeed an economical alternative to SMS to stay in contact with his tribe.

There was talk of Ping in this note, to use, it is convenient with the necessary support and push works quite well. But ... he is paying now for our ticket.

So for those who want a free solution with features similar Buzzme here!. The use is very simple, you choose a nickname and you can start sending messages to your contacts buzzme. For bringing a feature to send a message offering keur load and install the software. The push works well, you can associate custom ringtones to your contacts to recognize by ear ;-).

I put my hand on Whatsapp when it was free and the best three I have tried.
It automatically detects contacts with the application, no need to add them individually!

But it is true that only one application for free could actually claim has become a standard.

FriendSync synchronizes your address book with Facebook

Stopping more progress but also no longer stop the growth of Facebook in our lives, so you can now Synchronize the address book of your mobile phone with one of your Facebook account.

Omnigen Solutions is the company proposing the application for iPhone. FriendSync which allows you to synchronize your contacts and your Facebook address book in iPhone is one of their apps. It can displays your friend's Facebook profile pictures when your friends call on your iPhone.

Once launched FriendSync, it will ask your to login Facebook And is responsible for synchronizing your contacts with your friends' Facebook. And FriendSync will retrieve the Photo profiles, names, and dates of anniversaries of your friends to associate with your existing contacts or create new ones.

The application still has some gaps in its usability and to notify you that the synchronization is complete it is happy to refer you to the main menu of the iPhone, But I find a bug on the format of images and it seems crushed in height. No doubt the next update will repair all that.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Cover Up Mask noise

How to hide the sounds organic at all let go in iphone? It's simple. There is an application for this and it is called Cover Up!

This application developed by Appetizer Mobile enables sounds of flowing water or a hairdryer, that will elegantly hide the flatulent sounds. But do not forget to put the speaker back! Count $ 1.191.

Apple Rejecte iDroid App

Swavv Apps Listed on AppStore has been refused its application called iDroid, Which merely show the red eye feature of mobile Motorola and some advertising claims for the phone on Android 2.0.

Whether Verizon has been the sponsor of this adware application, but there is always that Apple has quite logically denied. It is hard Cupertino authorize an application by promoting competition, though Apple could have turned this to his advantage: look at our competitors need to advertise on our support!

Bing in the iPhone

Now Microsoft has high hopes with Bing, and because since very shortly, it seems that this new search engine has managed to glean a few crumbs of hearing. Redmond and offers a development kit to give a new boost to its product, and surprisingly it has a dedicated SDK for the iPhone and iPod touch !

The developer who wants to include Bing in an application can do so easily using the tools provided by Microsoft. The SDK also facilitates the integration engine in Mac software.

However, it has not yet reached the day when Apple will set Bing as the search default for Safari Mobile. Now we believe to be pleased to be able to choose between Google and Yahoo!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

BassJump for MacBook

The Apple computers are recognizable with the latest technology in hardware time, ensuring a quality standard for its users that is what has become known worldwide to the corporation of the manzanita.

But often this technology prevents us from using components with higher benefits as a matter of space, as is the case with MacBook whose audio is very good, but being compact and portable computers can not have a Subwoofer to enhance the quality and potency of its grave.

But the solution of the labor Twelve South which presents BassJumpA really good subwoofer which has the peculiar property of being simply connected by USB, so it need not be connected to the power grid to function properly.

This accessory makes the built-in speakers in the MacBook sound even better, adding to the mix and lower midrange with this subwoofer, which is designed as a decorative as well as portable, thanks to its small size but.

By not using more wires to the USB. It saves a lot of room in the workspace. Once the software is only installed Bass Jump plug into USB port to begin to enjoy improved sound quality.

The price is currently $79 and is intended to work with MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air.

TomTom for iPhone updated

Tomtom for iphone is one of the most useful iphone applications. It can make real use of the GPS navigation system. Then the app came with a car kit making it very attractive for consumers.
Well, a few months later, TomTom is launching a free update. Incorporating major developments to make our experience in using the navigation system even better: Text to Speech, or what is being said on behalf of the streets that we or points of interest are able to control iTunes from within the app (a good solution to the inability to run the programs in the background) Functions indication lanes, junctions very useful maps and Update A radar menu access to emergency numbers Customizing alerts when we passed by radar or exceed the speed limit as you can see, the improvements are quite interesting and indicate that TomTom has not been confined to get a version of its popular browser compatible with the iPhone, but also want to keep it alive through updates. app for iphone is a super light utility editing image. These, once handled, can be returned in the album of the iPhone shipped on or, Sort of Flickr or Picasa, but made by Adobe.

We can upload our photos from iPhone to the account. Then we can view and retrieve our images at a later time from any Internet-connected computer. The editor Photoshop offers 2GB of disk space to each registrant. It stores over 1,500 high resolution pictures.

This utility offers a handful of basic activities, such as cropping, correcting exposure, the saturation, the change in black and white or applying effects. Nothing spectacular, but simple, the interface is well done (but always in English) and it's free. Mobile on Android was available in the United States on the home operator T-Mobile. Well Adobe just make its application available to all on the Android Market.
Obviously, do not expect miracles, it's still a small application and you probably prefer Picsay. Mobile is available on the App Store and the App Store in Europe are now entitled to Mobile.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Labyrinth 2 iPhone Game

As already announced, Labyrinth 2 has come to light earlier in the AppStore.

In my mind, Labyrinth is one of the Best iPhone Games making use of accelerometer.

Labyrinth is a classic in physics game that we will use the accelerometer to guide a ball through a wooden maze to the end.

With this new version, there are several new gameplay elements, such as guns, bumpers, multiple gates, magnets, fans, tournaments, duplicators, laser, etc.

Through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth it can play up 4 players simultaneously.

Labyrinth 2 is a game of payment at a price of $6, Which can be searched and downloaded from the category of "Games" in the AppStore.

SixRows iphone app review

By default our iphones have five column springboard and fiveirows. In a few hours or days, it is not clear yet that a new feature that will appear up to 6 rows of icons in SprinBoard. This new pretense will be called SixRows.

SixRows for iPhone is an application that lets you take the SprinBoard up to 6 rows of icons.

To install it you must have completed the Jaibreak. Now Sixrows should be working on firmware 3.0.SixRows can be downloaded from Cydia.

IPhone 3 to be a new iPhone model

There are already rumors floating around the Internet on a new iPhone model to launch next year, some for dates in June.

Apple provided that released new models of its popular mobile phone. And it will be in the best current position as regards hardware and software, making more and more users enjoy the benefits of modern technology. This new model becomes the version 3.1 of the iPhone.

During 2008, something similar had happened with the iPhone 3GS, being detected at least 8 months before launch mass to world market. Thus we can say that this version of the iPhone will come out around June 2010.

Although their characteristics are not known yet, the only thing you can predict is that with the constant harassment that is suffering Apple by Android. The new iPhone will certainly be a revolutionary gadget.

Apple has been looking for software infenieros area of the GPS and maps, so we can assume that this will be one of the strengths of its new mobile phone.

Facebook apps for iphone review

After the facebook sites released facebook apps for iphone, now proposes a native application for iPhone and iPod Touch.

You can download it for free from the AppStore, this application aims to integrate features of Site with iPhone. Thus, the application can:

* upload a profile photo taken with the iPhone
* faster access to the site and its features
* use the instant messaging site

On the other hand, Facebook provides a next version integrate feature GPS and thus allow Find Friends closest when they are connected. Other features undisclosed should also make their appearance.

This application has already enjoyed great success with Facebook users and owners of iPhone/iPod Touc allows access with ease on his own to see what happens.

In addition to optimizations in the loading and display speed, the version 2.0 is the most complete information available and embellished new features. Here's a short list of news that we could meet:

* New notifications (regarding your account or your friends).
* Viewing track information flow updates.
* Ability to place comments in the updates.
* Ability to search a contact
* Ability to accept, reject or ask for additional contacts.
* Possibility of Tagguer a photograph.
* Ability to word your photos.
* Ability to write on the wall of your friends.
* Full access to the mailbox (messages, sent items ...).
* Ability to search in your mailbox.
* Ability to send attachments.

Facebook 3.0 for iPhone soon available on AppStore

The new version 3.0 of Facebook for iPhone/iPod Touch recent some information about additions to this update.

Here are the news revealed:
- Change profile photo
- Integration module Chat
- Search people and pages simplified
- Adding friends
- Web navigation via the frame with toolbar Facebook
- Consultation and RSVP to events
- Consultation of birthdays of his friends
- Consultation and pages of lists of friends and friends lists common

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The story of Knocking streaming video app

The Application called "Knocking Live Video" is the first of its kind to offer live broadcasts of the video stream to the iPhone (3GS or 3G) on another iPhone or iPod touch through a notification system by pushing. Presented as a "tweet video" by its developer Brian Meehan, this application uses a private API that lets you capture the video stream to the iPhone. And yet it has received the green light from the AppStore. Apple has been known more fussy about the use of such APIs, normally forbidden ... And that is exactly what happened to Meehan, whose application was once released soon !

But Meehan is not the man to surrender: he was asked about the e-mail from Steve Jobs (he won!) And asked "humbly" to reconsider the case, suspecting that the robots that check the application code have rejected its software before a human being can take it.

The answer came a phone call, the day after sending the email: it was not for Steve Jobs, but an Apple executive who wished to remain anonymous. The green light had been given "Summit" knocking and Live Video Online on the AppStore, three hours later. So swiftly let dreamer, but come Christmas, it has every right to believe in fairy tales!

However, Meehan said that "Apple listened and really took care of developers. Unfortunately, we do not know if all applications using this API are now allowed, or whether this is an exception. In this case, Steve Jobs will continue to receive e-mails.

Ravensword: The Fallen King iphone game review

While the iPhone has shown the world as one of the best multimedia phones with features and benefits that exceed the standards, lacking an application that demonstrates the real potentialof iPhone and iPod Touch as video games and video game platform concerns.

Now you are no need to wait anymore, because with Ravensword: The Fallen King we play one of the best RPGs truly amazing graphics. But not only because besides having a rich history, as most good RPG, Has a duration that exceeds ten hours of gameplay.

This game mixes several genres of games with the role, such as adventure games and action games to create a game really entertaining and addictive, with lots of enemies, weapons, armor, items, and many other things.

The soundtrack to this game comes out with the power of the iPhone making to put ourselves fully into this adventure you can play both first and third person.

The price of this game also makes it very attractive, being only $8, making it an excellent choice to turn your iPhone into a Gaming Platform quality.

It's good to see how the Apple phone is catching the attention of programmers and game developers, because the results of this combination are often helpful for both sides.