Friday, November 27, 2009

Rat on the Run: nice platform iPhone Game

Rat On The Run for iPhone is a game of classic cut platforms with great gameplay and atmosphere.

The goal is to help an adorable little mouse to get pieces of cheese while avoiding the dangers. The operation couldn't be simpler. You just have to jump, because when the mouse starting to walk does not stop until it finds a stop sign. It is very well thought out.

It has the classic obstacles of this type of game, such as spiders falling from the ceiling or spikes coming out of the ground. To jump just press the screen anywhere. If pressed longer, the jump would be longer.

Includes an addictive game, 'Rat on the Scooter', where our little mouse goes on a motorbike, and we have to jump from platform to platform grabbing the pieces of cheese.

No objective, just try to endure as long as possible while accelerates, my record was 15 pieces of cheese, and have been hooked for a while.

Now it is a free games for a limited time.

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