Sunday, November 8, 2009

Write on a NTFS partition in Snow Leopard

Nyxem just published a very interesting information. Writing to an NTFS partition was originally activated in the beta versions of Snow Leopard. But this feature was disabled in the final version (probably a rights issue with Microsoft, author of the NTFS file system).

However, there is a way to re-write NTFS on Mac OS X Snow Leopard through the terminal while waiting for someone so small software to enable easy.

Open the terminal located in Applications/Utilities
Then find the UUID of the partition with this command:

diskutil info/Volumes/nom_de_la_partition

Copy the UUID
Create or edit the fstab:

ls /etc/ | grep fstab (to check if the file exists)
cp /etc/fstab~/Desktop/ (to make a copy on the desktop)

Edit the document using the command:

sudo nano/etc/fstab

Add the following line:

UUID = uuid_de_la_partition none ntfs rw

or if you do not find the UUID

LABEL = nom_de_la_partition none ntfs rw

Save the file and restart to apply changes.

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