Friday, November 20, 2009

Mac OS X Update 10.5.1

Apple today launched the first update to Leopard. In less than 1 month of Apple workers have been the batteries to further polish to Leopard.

The update comes Cargadito and are involved: Airport, Disk Utility, iCal, Mail, Print, Web, Firewall, Time Machine, Spotlight and other system upgrades.

Perhaps the biggest improvement and most remarkable is that Mac OS X 10.5.1 addresses the issue of data loss when moving files on partitions in the Finder.

It's funny how Apple's note of the update refers to this ruling as a 'potential problem'
The update weighs 39,8 MB and is available in Software Update.

The update to 10.5.1 I have not solved any of the bugs that suffered and still suffers from my iMac G5 has been a total disappointment, do not say things that are not have been solved, but my team will suffer the same or worse:

Disk Utility should withdraw the estimated time served for 1 minutes left to say when they are 15! The files with permission issues have switched from typical and single ARD a huge list.

I still can boot the operating system on a disk via firewire boot disk (this has always worked perfectly in Tiger).

Connects to Windows computers automatically when it chooses not therefore appear in the Finder, and when it does or forces you to detect PCs still says connect as Guest.

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