Sunday, November 8, 2009

The flash pummel the autonomy of the iPhone

Supporting flash is one of the main spots of the iPhone. Indeed, the Apple phone is unable to display Flash content either in Safari or via a dedicated application. Six months ago, Adobe has posted a beta of Flash for iPhone at Apple. Problem, use the flash would reduce the autonomy of the iPhone within 40 minutes.

The Cupertino company has kindly repackaged Adobe explaining that the flash was too resource-intensive. Apple teams have advised their counterparts in Adobe exploit the GPU of the iPhone much more effective intensive tasks before clear guide to Adobe a dedicated application. Obviously, the support of flash a dedicated application has much less interest.

On the one hand, the view of Apple is justifiable since the company does not sealing performance and autonomy of the phone due to flash on the other hand, one wonders how other phones ( HTC, Samsung, etc..) running Windows Mobile or Android to support the flash ...

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