Monday, November 23, 2009

Change the root password on the iPhone, the danger of worms

Charlie Miller, a leading expert in the field of security of Mac

and lately known for discovering the bug for the safety of SMS on

the iPhone, has said that people who have the iPhone with the

Jailbreak done, you should seriously worry from time.

"Miller admitted that the security created by Apple is very

efficient, and it's really hard to get on a phone, but the

Jailbreak has destroyed all these protections, which allows any

user the ability to create worms, as it turned up these last days.

For this reason, Miller, announced that in the coming months may

witness a rise in attacks on all iPhones that have performed the


So to increase the security of your iPhone is desirable to change

the password (pasword), the iphone is by default, to enter in your

root SSH (root).

For those who want to make the change (I have already done ...),

nothing else has to follow these instructions:

* Install the Mobile Terminal from Cydia through the repository

Telesphoreo Tangelo (of Saurik)
* Open Mobile Terminal and put the following commands:
su root (intro)
alpine (intro)
passwd (intro)

* We will then appear the following:
"Changing password for root"

* We ask you to put the new Pasword, we put ... (intro)
* Now we ask you to repeat, what we throw ... (intro)
* Once we have already made the change password
* We need only remember because if you ever use the Terminal.

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