Tuesday, November 24, 2009

iPhone 3G S review: prices and availability

And finally, although in a sense, one might almost say that it was expected, the company Apple announced one of the most anticipated products of the year: the new iPhone.

However, as we were counting from the end of last May, was expected, almost certainly, Apple unveiled its new iPhone.

It has already been baptized with the technical name of iPhone 3.0S, and apparently, this new terminal will be twice as fast as his "little brother", and will turn a video camera integrated.

One of the technical features which has attracted the attention of the users is known as "voice control", which would use the phone using only your voice, without using the touch screen.

Also, apparently supports the downloading of large amounts of multimedia content in half the time than its predecessor, according to Apple itself has said.

The Prices and availability of the iPhone 3.0S

In regard to price and availability of the new iPhone 3.0S itself, apparently in the United States will cost $199 with 16GB memory, and $299 with a slightly larger memory capacity of 32GB of storage. That yes, if-of course-the user to acquire a contract with the carrier AT&T.

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