Tuesday, November 17, 2009

MiniMail 2 compatible with Snow Leopard

MiniMail, the plug-in for Mail is available in a new version and the transition becomes consistent with Snow Leopard. MiniMail can track the arrival of new messages and read their content in small windows less cumbersome than the browser in Mail. We may also request that this window is always displayed on top of others.

This window is not just view the messages, the main actions are met in a pop-up menu: deletion, forwarding, flag, reply, etc.. Two icons will also create a new post or start over from the accounts. And support on the space bar to launch a look on attachment.

Besides the compatibility with the 10.6, MiniMail 2 may show multiple small windows on the screen - and not just one - corresponding to as many boxes as you choose (on active MiniMail by clicking the green button discount window). It seemed however that this option worked randomly. The MiniMail demo is limited to 30 days.

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