Monday, November 30, 2009

AppCleaner Uninstall Mac Apps easily

It is easy to uninstall many software for Mac OS X by just dragging and dropping the icon of the software into the trash. But some apps create files in other locations such as /Library. To do that, we often go find all these files one by one to delete.

Don't worry. Try AppCleaner for Mac. AppCleaner is a small application that lets you cleanly and completely remove unwanted applications. It is not enough to simply delete an application. Applications create full of small files on your system and take up unnecessary space on your hard drive. AppCleaner is able to find these files and can delete them. It is very effectively.

Once installed AppCleaner, run the beast. Its interface is very intuitive. To uninstall the app, simply drag and drop the application you want to delete in the marked area. Then AppCleaner seeks all files relating to the application in question with clicking "Remove" button. And your software will be properly deleted.

AppCleaner searches for all software installed on your Mac and you can also uninstall in the Tab Applications. Tab Widgets you have a list of all the widgets installed on your Mac the same way you can uninstall them. It is always advisable to uninstall Widgets are not used to gain disk space & resources. Finally, in the last "Other" tab, you will find a list of plugins, config files, etc.. That you can uninstall.

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