Monday, November 23, 2009

IPhone 2.2 and Google Street View

As we all know, technology is advancing by leaps and bounds and follow it is a task that Apple has decided to do since birth, either in terms of hardware and software, and has been doing steadily, which has earned its reputation .

It is for that reason that the firm has already begun to make the distribution of the beta 2.2 firmware for its iPhone, with several changes and improve upon the version that preceded it, which we had seen several changes, such as spaces separate searches in the address bar in Safari browser interface.

In this new version, continue forward and you can see changes as the expected inclusion in the Google Streetview Maps application that brings the iPhone. But at the same time it is presumed that the SDK supports audio input through a line input or line-in ".

Likewise, bloggers are a bit unhappy because Apple is not included in this version the function to be able to "copy & paste" or copy and paste while using the operating system, while the ability to reproduce and use Flash in Safari.

While Apple is moving in the right direction by adding various improvements and popular applications, users no longer know how to reach the company needs to have in these two aspects as important.

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