Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Free Download Torrent for Mac OS

There is no doubt that the BitTorrent protocol is one of the most widely used to share any type of files on the Internet with hundreds of thousands of users virtually around the world.

As surely meet, especially if you're a reader who tends to use a lot of these programs and share many files on the network, more and more applications that exist for that purpose.

Alongside that, likewise, is also greater the number of users who tend to use much these applications, particularly for sharing files with others.

But although they are older programs that currently exist for Windows, especially those that serve torrent download, did you know that there are ways to download Torrent for Mac for free? Here's how.

Download Torrent for Mac free

First, par torrent to download Mac, you need look, especially for download properly, do not you think?.

In this sense there is a program called River which allows you to do it as comfortable as simple. Just open it and you will see a window where you can put what you want to search.

Once you have downloaded the file. Torrent, you can use Transmission to download without problems. To do this, so you just double-clicking the file will open this application and begin downloading.

Download River

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