Sunday, November 8, 2009

How to Create Smart Folder in MAC OS

Apple has seen fit to create a new file type, the Smart Folder. These records allow individuals to maintain real time status of research.

One could compare it to some sort of automated script.

If you need to instantly find a specific document type, or a series of files regardless of the location on your disk, you must then use this function.

It is accessed via the Finder's File menu -> New Smart Folder or Shortcut

Option + Command + N

A window opens, it is similar to a search window, then it suffices to indicate the search criteria, using the search function at top left.

By clicking on the little "+" below the search area expanded menu opens up allowing you to limit your search to specific types of content, dates of last opened or modified, the name or much more clicking Other.

The latter choice opens a list of attributes to search very long extending from the email address corresponding to a number of document pages.

We must also tell it to record what he should do his research.

The "This mac" scans all disks present and operational at the time of research, but also beyond.

Indeed, if we plug an external drive after setting the smart folder, and that research is done on "This Mac", the external drive will also be involved in research.

Once the search attributes and areas of research indicated, it can send its Smart Folder by clicking Save.

A window opens asking for the name and location of the Smart Folder. It must then click Save.

Now your Smart Folder is operational and programmed to perform your search instantly.

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