Sunday, November 29, 2009

Panic Desktastic 3 for Mac review

Have you ever dreamed of writing on the screen of your Mac OS? It would be handy to be able to leave a reminder, a gentle word or just use his computer screen as a single slate!

Well dream no more! It is now possible in Mac OS X!

Desktastic is a small utility that enables users to use the mouse as a brush directly on your desktop in Mac OS X. It therefore requires Rosetta to run. Hopefully an update Intel or UB. Its minimum system requirements Mac OS X 10.0 or higher.

Let me reassure you right away. It is not you bring your fat permanent marker and scribble on the surface of your screen! Admittedly, this would probably be very effective, but your screen may not resent... And you would call a "madman"!

The "Desktastic", a little shareware program that lets you use your screen in a very fun and very practical. By launching this application, your screen turns into a "magic slate"! You will be able to write, draw, color, scribble, make sketches or diagrams, in short everything that is possible with a "magic slate ".... And especially do not worry! You can clear everything a single click!

Let us look at it more closely. First, go to the web page editor Desktastic Mac HERE to download this small wonder thing that you can try free for 15 days (also look at the screenshots on this page of the publisher ...). Then you must pay the modest sum of approximately $12.95.

You can even save your scribblings as .Png and then use it to illustrate an email, web page or whatever you want ... You can also print your drawings and of course, if you have a tablet, it will be much easier to use this "virtual hat" to create beautiful designs or write more right! In short, here's something a little fun!

After Launching the application "Desktastic, there is a palette of some round buttons on the screen. It will be enough to click on these buttons and your mouse to grabouillis all you want.

What are these buttons?

* Draw Tool: draw directly on the desktop!
* Width: Stronger line? No problem.
* Text Tool: Type basic text, numbers, notes, etc.
* Opacity: More transparent? Solid? Piece of cake.
* Stamp Tool: Stamp any image all over the screen!
* Color: A pleasing palette of primaries.
* Eraser Tool: Don't worry - we all make mistakes.
* Draw-On-Top Toggle: Draw on top of all windows!

When you use Desktastic, you notice that you no longer have access to your icons, including icons of your scores! If this bothers you, you can define a "dividing line" that an area not covered by Desktastic. With your mouse cursor, you can move the dotted line at your convenience.
To display this line, go to Preferences and select "Use Desktop Separation Line", then click "OK".
You can also choose between two colors dotted line in the same preferences ("Separation line color").

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