Friday, November 27, 2009

Copilot live iphone review

Copilot Live is such a program that tells you where to go to a specific place while driving and you will say out loud so you do not miss. That is, what is already more or less everyone knows as a "GPS".

The most important of these features is the program work that is synchronized correctly with the satellites, which the instructions are clear and precise, and finally we reach the desired place.

We have informally tested on a trip around one island, we have to a very pretty village in the northwest of the island from which ferries depart to Tenerife. We have not had any problems. Copilot Live has guided us perfectly there.

Copilot Live is a serious alternative to TomTom and Navigon, because it is cheaper and works well. Also not missing anything. The options are endless as you can see in the catch, here's some features:

* Voice guidance turn by turn
* Detailed maps stored on the iPhone
* Very clear view in 3D and 2D with variable zoom and street names
* Navigating to a house number, street, intersection or contact
* Automatic switching between portrait and landscape view
* Full preparation and preview travel
* Optimization of routes to multiple destinations
* Continuous guidance in tunnels and subways
* Automatic day/night
* Sailing to thousands of points of interest
* Displays traffic signals as they appear on the road

The only thing I liked the program is the menu navigation. There are many options and is easy to get lost in the meantime both menu and icon. In addition, the keyboard is not qwerty, typing becomes very uncomfortable, but fortunately in the next version update this detail, as they have in the program updates with maps of other countries.

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