Monday, November 9, 2009

Connect your iPhone to a Livebox

I decided to give some explanation of the wireless connection to your iPhone.

Firstly remember that when your iPhone is connected in wifi you are in unlimited (in fact you use your web package for your home or office etc.)

To connect the Iphone to a livebox (note that the manip is very close with all the boxes but I will surely not be a topic for each box.

To start check that your iPhone is ready to receive wireless connections for this fact:

On The Iphone,Go to "Settings" click on "wireless" and check that the wireless is activated.

On the Livebox,Then go to your Livebox in "association" (this is apper in some good but not necessary better to do it for free!)
Then write your WEP key which is under your Livebox on a label (if you have not already).

Return to the Iphone
Back to your iPhone "Settings" WIFI "and choose your Livebox you'll need to enter your WEP key (go back there without spaces or uppercase paying attention to the difference between an" o "and a" 0 ")
Click on "join now and your iPhone is connected to your wireless box.

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