Monday, November 23, 2009

Cycorder: Application to record video on iPhone

Another of the great disappointments of the iPhone launch was its lack of video recording. There was already an occasional application for recording video on the terminal, but the advent of firmware 2.0 and changing the Installer version, made many of these applications were lost.

However, applications began to appear on the iPhone: Cycorder is a very good video recorder with a more than acceptable quality at a good rate ... but for now, it still does not record sound.

The interface is very minimalistic and has a screen where you see the videos you've recorded previously. Depending on the ambient light, we can record videos up to 15 fps, and is encoded at once, so we have to wait for post-processing the video once recorded.

To install it, come into Cydia to the tab "Search" and search by program name: Cycorder.

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