Monday, November 30, 2009

Vienna - Free RSS reader

Vienna is a free RSS reader. It shows the great qualities of the iTunes user interface that we propose a reader flow RSS efficient and lightweight. An RSS feed allows you to see the title, summary, and link of the article if you want to read the whole. Hence a great time-saver when looking at numerous sites daily !

In conclusion, Vienna is a drive flow which will delight lovers of the style of our apple. The grip is immediate when one knows that iTunes or iPhoto.

The beta version 2.3 now requires Tiger or Leopard to run. I had used Viena for a long time until the discovery of NetNewsWire incomparable with free.

What is its Features:

* Creating Smart Albums
* Integrated Web Browser
* Choose the style of display (downloadable themes by the application)
* Filters Articles
* Numerous sorting options
* Compatible with many applications blog

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