Monday, November 9, 2009

Change the text of the slide bar on 3G

First, you must:
* An iPhone / iPod Touch jailbroken in 2.x
* Have Winterboard installed (via Cydia)
* Be able to connect to SSH

1) On your computer, create the following directory structure:

2) Create, in the "en.lproj" (not "English.lproj"), a file "SpringBoard.txt"

3) Open it with Notepad (or another editor, like Notepad + +)

4) Enter:
"AWAY_LOCK_LABEL" = "This is the text to unlock your device";
"POWER_DOWN_LOCK_LABEL" = "This is the text to turn off your device";
"SLIDE_TO_ANSWER" = "This is the text to win on appeal";

Personalize the text in red (replace the text you want).

5) Save the file and rename the "SpringBoard.strings"

6) Place the file "Slidebar" (containing the folder "Bundles" containing folder "", which contains the file "en.lproj", which contains the file "SpringBoard.strings") in your iPhone/iPod Touch, by logging into SSH into /private/var /stash/Themes.******

7) From your iPhone/iPod Touch, launch Winterboard and select Slidebar in the ticking.
8) Press the HOME button.
9) You make a device Respring.
10) Admire the result.

tuto repeated here. but apparently also works on 3GS, therefore firmwaire 3.0

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