Wednesday, November 18, 2009

How to configure Gmail on iPhone or iPod Touch

Although at first I started to use with some reluctance, I would lie if I say that I could not live without Gmail, mainly because I think it is, for now, in one of the best free e-mail services of any on this time.

For work reasons, I tend to have it connected almost all day (or, rather, in the moments when I am at home working), on par with ease of use allows me to use it in a quick, easy, simple and above very comfortable.

The reason for this article is to echo an article picked up by our colleagues at Google Mobile Blog, which echo the steps they must take all those users or as they have a Gmail email account and have an iPhone or an iPod Touch.

And is that with this new update, you will receive emails on the iPhone you get from Gmail in an absolutely automatic, like text messages (SMS).

This has been possible thanks to the improvements that Google has done in his service Google Sync, with the aim of improving itself the long-awaited push synchronization.

How to configure Gmail on our iPhone or iPod Touch?

First, to use Google Sync you have to add a Microsoft Exchange from Settings/Mail, Contacts, Calendars and you set it as follows:

1) Enter your email address from Gmail in the "E" and "User names".

2) You must leave blank the field "Domain".

3) Enter your password to your email account.

4) Click "Next."

5) At this point appears the "Server", and introduces it and click "Next."

6) Now you can choose those services from Google that you want to synchronize.

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