Monday, November 9, 2009

Download torrents on the iPhone or iPod Touch

For downloading torrents.
I indicate in advance that the movement is rather not very practical but effective.
For those who prefer a manip 'easier, download Torrentule on Cydia, the application includes any time a few (many) beugs.

what you need:

1. We start by then download dTunes Terminal on Cydia.
Make sure you have Safari Download Plug-In is normally installed directly dTunes but you never know.

2. Start dTunes and clicking on "Search" at the bottom (2nd icon from right) and then on "Torrents" in the upper right.

3. Here, the application launches the default site PirateBay (You can change your site if you want, it will work too) and then download a torrent file
Caution: The sites that publish the sending torrents of both. Php and not. Torrent to edit using Finder (On Cydia) and change the file extension without dTunes it can not activate the torrent.

4. Once downloaded the torrent, click on "Browse" button in the lower left, by the application displays a list of files. These are all the files in the directory private
So in this list, find the torrent previously downloaded and click it.

5. The application launches a window, click OK.

6. It's closing now dTunes to return to the springboard and we launch Terminal.
This application is similar to the command prompt available on Windows.
Once the application is launched, the first line is "nomdel'appareil: - Mobile $

7. Then, type the command "./ Gettorrent" without quotes and without forgetting the two "t" and two "r" (You tell me that smell is experienced, well you're right) then click "return" at the bottom right of the keyboard.
Do not worry about a ton of command line that appears, it is quite normal.

8. After scrolling commands, we must now turn our attention to the last line especially on the three numbers separated by slashes as shown in screen
The first digit indicates the progress of the download while the last two represent the size of the file is being downloaded.

9. Now, a small image to help you decipher the last line and once your download is finished, that is to say that the three figures are similar (eg 137/137/137). you can then retrieve your file through SSH in the directory private /var/mobile/Library/Downloads

And now enjoy.

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