Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Apple Rejects Google Voice App

Although it may seem a bit unbelievable, today we have learned that Apple has decided to remove all applications from the App Store based on Google Voice technology, without considering that some were already on sale from just weeks ago, or even had been previously approved.

As surely know, Google Voice allows the United States have a single telephone number associated with so many different numbers we want, and divert calls from one terminal to another or even block nuisance calls.

It is true that the service is in beta since Google bought nearly two years ago the company that developed it, GrandCentral.

In any case, users who were able to use it, however, had made only positive reviews to the same, and in fact we can find versions designed for Android or BlackBerry.

However, the excuse that Apple has to try to justify this elimination is that the double features of the iPhone application, which could confuse users.

However, since other sources our colleagues, have raised the possibility that the real cause may be the pressure exerted by the operator AT & T at the prospect of losing control of their customers because of Google.

Is it possible that Apple could reconsider the decision and allow this application may be available through the App Store? Time will tell ... but we think it is very difficult.

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