Friday, November 20, 2009

Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi for iTunes

If you like the company Creative, as surely know, one of the companies (I said one) best known in the field of development and manufacturing of audio cards of a certain quality, then you're in luck.

And if you like Creative, also has a Mac (although it is not required), and with some regularity normally use Apple's iTunes application, then you're even more.

To our knowledge these days thanks to the UberReview portal, Creative section for testing and developing new products, Creative Labs, have brought to sell a product that, among other things, would seek to address the current Apple Airport Express.

Following the popular Soundblaster sound cards, the company has submitted the Sound Blaster X-Fi for iTunes, a transmitter which, as its name implies, has been specially designed for use with iTunes.

This transmitter USB allows audio streaming from our present to any team we have in our home (or workplace) connected to a wireless receiver that, incidentally, will be sold separately.

It features X-Fi technology, which ensures a higher quality when playing MP3 files, and this transmitter can be used seamlessly with, for example, TS20W Gigaworks speakers.

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