Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Download the best Gmail Notifier for Mac OSX

A few days ago I explained how to sync your Gmail with iPod and iPod Touch through a few simple and easy steps.

As I explained in that article, at first I started to use with some reluctance, I would lie if I say that I could not live without Gmail, mainly because I think it is, for now, in one of the best services electronic mail free of all that exists at this time.

But for work, I tend to have it connected almost all day, on par with ease of use allows me to use it in a quick, easy, simple and above all very comfortable.

If they tend to use with some use their Gmail email account, now we're going to echo a very interesting and useful application called Notify.

Download Notify for Mac

Notify is a simple application that functions as a reporter (hence its name), and automatically alerts us when new emails are received in our account.

With it you can monitor several accounts at once, which is undoubtedly welcome, and review its contents either every minute or every quarter hour.

By clicking on the Notify icon in the menu bar you can view a summary of the contents of your new post, which is extremely useful to be able to check if the mail is or is not interesting.

Download Notify

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