Thursday, November 26, 2009

Google Earth for mac leopard

Google Earth for iPhone allows you to find the main features of the desktop version of the software in a redesigned interface to suit the specifics of the iPhone.

Google has updated its application Google Earth for iPhone, now in version 2.0. For this new version, the program is mainly the possibility of syncrhoniser about her custom maps developed from the desktop version of the application. To enjoy it, simply log into the iphone using your Google Account. Then you can view the maps through "My Maps" Interface. Now Holding the world in the palm of your hand.

Everything is very responsive and smooth and no bugs to report! Downloading images may take a bit longer depending on your connection.

Google Earth for iPhone allows you to do:

* Show mountainous tilting your iPhone.
* Catalog photos from around the world with Panoramio.
* See Wikipedia articles related to specific places.
* Locate where you are with the My Location.

For the firm in Mountain View, the main advantage of Google Earth carried on a mobile phone resides in the local search capabilities built into the software. These allow for example to locate a bar or restaurant in its immediate surroundings. For now, no advertising is associated with this search, but Google should eventually find a way to monetize this service, as it already does in Google Maps, which will soon be adorned with the "Stret View" in iPhone version.

If your Mac run on Mac OS X Leopard (10.5.x), there is only versions of Google Earth 4.2 or newer Compatibility with Mac OS X Leopard. If upgraded to Leopard, download the latest versions of Google Earth at the links below:

Free version: Earth-Free
Pro version: Earth-Pro

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