Thursday, November 19, 2009

EA Mobile releases 3 games for the Apple iPhone App Store

It seems that once released, will not stop talking the iPhone 3G. Or at least, of developments outside companies to develop exclusively for Apple's popular terminal.

And just this week that if you approached the presentation of a Bluetooth adapter or even an extra battery for this phone, now the news are not just a physical device.

Specifically, because the well-known game development company EA (Electronic Arts) has just released for sale on the Apple App Store a total of 3 games for both the iPhone itself and iPod Touch, all through its subsidiary EA Mobile.

The games in question are Scrabble, Sudoku and Tetris, as well known by all.

In addition, for the month of September, EA Mobile will bring to market the game Spore, which will also be available through the Apple App Store.

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