Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Apple's Lala Acquisition, new approach to music via streaming

Apple's major movement in music and the internet:
After rumors that began this past Friday, on Saturday confirmed that apple bought the music service via streaming Lala.

Although that iTunes dominates the market for music sales online Lala purchase makes sense. Because music services via streaming such as Spotify, are achieving increasing market share and Apple does not want to be left behind.

So far Apple has not disclosed exactly what you want with the acquisition of Lala, but what is clear is that the iTunes model has to evolve and sooner or later incorporated music via streaming between its bid. With the purchase of several exciting technologies are being related to distribution, profitability and music storage online developed by engineers from Lala.

Every time it gets more interesting the music scene via streaming. But still need further study and improve some importance: profitability models. For example Spotify still not generate the revenue needed and according to rumors in the case have been to Lala who knock on the door of Apple to negotiate and forecasts indicated that the benefits soon be available.

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