Sunday, December 6, 2009

MiKandi: App Store for adults

My MiKandi is an application similar to Apple's App Store. Its ability to manage applications in different categories, support for review, scoring and basically its function is to serve as a download center for other applications. The single biggest difference is that Its content is intended for adults (for over 18 years).

Surely some telephone users with Google Android already be aware of this application. It appears that you are receiving a great response on that platform. Now developers have said they are developing a new version compatible with the iPhone/iPod Touch and other devices.

But the bad news is only available for devices with jailbreak. So that 90% of users worldwide are already fully discarded for using MiKandi.

Apple by no means allow such applications to the official iPhone/iPod Touch, so many developers have to choose between alternative ways to enter the iPhone market. In this case should be available soon in Cydia Store channels.

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