Saturday, December 5, 2009

Babel Rising next game Bulkypix

Submitted to Apple yesterday, the latest addition Bulkypix called Babel Rising and offers of God incarnate in order to prevent humans to build the famous Tower of Babel.
The screenshot of the game looks very good. Side "sadistic" the gameplay seems really twisted and obviously recalls the famous Pocket God!

The goal of the game is original, slow down the possible construction of the tower by humans. And to make you use the range of powers will be conferred: lightning, tornado, fire from heaven, earthquakes and tsunamis. You can even crush them one by one with the "finger of God"!

The game will be available before Christmas at a price of 1.99 €.

The information about White Birds Productions:

Created in 2003, White Birds is a studio creating video games based near Paris. Specialist value-added games narrative and known for its graphic, the studio has produced over 15 titles on the main platforms of the market. On the iPhone, White Birds has an editorial policy ambitious and wants to propose innovative and original content in addition to adaptations of his great adventure games.

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