Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wooden Labyrinth 3d - iPhone Game Review

Wooden Labyrinth 3D for iPhone is a new and very popular skill game. How to paly the game: Navigate the ball through the maze without falling while in one of the holes. Its operation is very simple and simple. You just move the ball by inclinating and tilting the iPhone. A peculiarity of this game has many maze games. You can jump to get the ball on and down the iPhone. This is necessary in order to jump over small obstacles.

In the Lite version you have only a few levels to choose from, thereby it will quickly become boring. The free levels are quickly played through. In the full version 180 levels are available. In addition, you can turn in line Level Editor to create and download more levels. Thus, one has to produce a theoretically infinite number of levels.

Before you begin to play Wooden Maze 3D, you should calibrate it. It is very easy to equip it. Just bring your iPhone into a straight position, for example, putting it on a table and press under options on calibrate. That's it!

The background music that you can also issue is very pleasant and disrupts progress in the game at all. On the whole, a successful game with many levels and great service.

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