Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Gyminee iphone app

Gyminee is a very good Fitness Social Network service that is proving to be an excellent "fitness" guide to help you to lose weight and carry out physical activities. Then you will take your body in hand with this network by a little effort.

Gyminee has a library of very detailed work which is present in the database. You can then build your training program and note any changes in your weight, heart rate, breathing ...

For example, in the "food"category, you can get a wide choice of food building a nutritional schedule for you at the top. You can train a group of friends and share exercises and tips with your buddies at the gym.

Other features are noted as an opportunity to launch challenges or access to more services by participating in the PRO version (with charge).

You even get a version of Gyminee for Iphone and track your health and fitness from your iPhone.
After running the Gyminee in Iphone, you can find the Food Search box at the top of the screen. Then Type in the food you want to eat and click go. Gyminee will give you an exact match information and you can tap the "+1" button to recorde. You can also add the full Nutrition Facts to your Favorite Foods and customize your food entry. So i think it is as easy as possible, if you do multiple times every day.

And you can get the videos from Gyminee. That will teach you that how to perform exercises. This iphone app is usability.

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