Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Park’n Find iPhone app

Park’n Find is a navigation shareware software with user-friendly interface in English. But in contrast, it is a very complete software that will manage the parking time (handy for parking meters) with the geolocation accuracy level. And Find Park'n can remember where you parked and help you find your car easily and end time of parking.

Park’n Find marks your parked location on a map by the iPhone’s GPS tracking system. It is very accurate and is also possible to mark the location of your car in a field with packing in the level, section, row and seat number .... A voice memo can be associated with the location of your parking space. When you return to your car, Park’n Find tell you how to go there directly within a few feet. With this software, not only do you lose more than your car but the more you save the time! Especially if you have a fleet of cars, it is possible to manage multiple locations simultaneously.

In my mind, it's a great addition iphone application for some people, such as shoppers, avid travelers and etc... Although its bargain $.99 price tag, Park’n Find is better than other useful applications, for example, the amusement park, downtown events and the hospital parking garage. So you can go to the App Store to download it and have a test.

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