Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sweettooth search bluetooth in iPhone

The IBluetoothProject.com developers have done a lot of work to make available the version with a graphical sweettooth. This application will allow you to now to find other Bluetooth devices and to display their addresses.

The next version will therefore have access to all features, including Bluetooth A2DP which allows steri transmit sound to your son without helmets.

How to install Sweettooth app step by step:

- Open "Cydia"
- Press "Sections" in the lower bar
- Press "All Packages" or the category of your application to be installed
- Find the name of your application from the list
- Press it
- Press "Install" at the top right
- Press "Confirm" in the window that opens
- Press the home button once the installation is complete

This is good news. The application I tested on my iphone has wifi detect the camera around however I close the application (even pressed the home button a few seconds) I still have a small bluetooth icon on top right and if I go into BossPrefs I find it is already off mode.

This application only works in 2.2, otherwise reboot loop.

It becomes more and more interresting! Soon the Bluetooth without restrictions?

It is a shame to see the phone the most complete and most expensive in the world market does not always bluetooth stereo and TV in 2009. I detect my pc, my samsung jabra and my neighbor with a little bug after exiting the application.

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