Monday, December 21, 2009

Dailymotion view YouTube videos in iPhone

So far, There is only the application for viewing YouTube videos from an iPhone/iPod Touch. The site Daylimotion was an adaptation for iPhone but no application to her own.

Today, the application Dailymotion appeared on the AppStore. Two versions are available, and many features are proposed. They allow you to view videos anywhere through EDGE/3G network or WiFi.

With Dailymotion iphone app, you can do:

* Easily search and find videos
* Access your account Dailymotion
* Discover the latest viral hits
* Explore new videos featured every day (shorts, clips, trailers, animations, etc..)
* Surf 15 channels (News and Politics, Entertainment, Music, Movies & Television, Sport ...)

And for iPhone 3GS, a small option is also available: you can record and upload videos directly from your Dailymotion account!
With the App Dailymotion, you can take full advantage of the platform Dailymotion directly from your iPhone. In addition, the Premium version offers the possibility of no longer having to endure commercials. The app is really good! A bit faster than the mobile version.

Will you go to YouTube by Dailymotion?

It was expected that application, and finally it arrives on our small screens, I'll probably spend the money needed for the premium version ...

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