Sunday, December 6, 2009

Problems with the Magic Mouse on Mac Pro

It could not have otherwise had to pass. Have been detected early problems with the Magic Mouse. This time not directly affect the mouse, but one of the teams Apple.

Apparently there have been problems of communication between Magic Mouse and the Mac Pro this year. The problem seems to be some sort of problem with the bluetooth antenna location within the team and that means that in certain circumstances communication between the computer and the mouse is not good enough to work normally.

Hopefully Apple will put the batteries and can solve this problem as soon as possible, even if it is true that the errors are caused by the location of the antenna. Sure the solution is not as simple you would expect. What will Apple now? This happens any user of a Mac Pro Magic Mouse?

In particular I am using a Magic Mouse with a MacBook (early 2008) and so far I have not had any problem. It seems that there is any communication problem and the truth that the mouse works really well.

My friend have this problem since he bought the mac pro six months ago. Others tell he that because he have interference with her phone modem as the acts at 2.4Ghz wifi. But he had taken off the wifi. And he have another mac (imac 17 ") and does not happen.

I have this problem after i have a Mac Pro this year. The Magic Mouse with rechargeable batteries to 100% acts as a mouse with batteries, does not respond to every movement.

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