Monday, December 7, 2009

Simple WindowSets places your Finder windows as you want

Today I discovered an application that was looking for a long time. It is Simple WindowSet.

When copied from one place to another is a bit complicated if you do not open more than one sale at a time. If so, simply drag from one to another and everything will be copied. But it depends what you want to place my windows copy is not the same way, nor do I have the same windows open.

Simple WindowSets can create a set of windows at any time and it memorized all its property, from the size, position, selected file, etc.

I have such a provision in windows when I move my downloaded files series to its rightful place. Use one for when I published some articles with a Finder window where the images have another Finder window where I have the program, and these are in the corners of the screen to not disturb.

Clicking on the set that I want to close, windows that do not correspond to the Set and open the need to perfect.

To create a new Set is as simple as placing Finder windows as we memorize the application and click on New Set. To restore a Set, we pick a saved and click Set Restore. Easy, simple and effective.

The program has a cost of $9.95. But you can download a fully functional trial version for 7 days.

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