Friday, December 25, 2009

The 4 million for Parachute Panic iPhone App

The Parachute Panic iPhone App App Store endless surfing on the wave of success: it has more than 4 million downloads.

Remember that game from a simple idea: to save up to parachute from drowning, but also the dangers surrounding (helicopters, flying saucers, sharks ...).

If you play the game, you can even say it are ugly, and yet are super catchy.
The first thing that strikes us, it is the graphics. My daughter, who is in CE2, is better! Streamlined as possible, but it is voluntary, they replicated children's drawings in pen Bic grid on a sheet of poor quality. It's ugly, but it gives a certain air to the game.

The second thing that marks the player is disconcerting simplicity of the game The goal is to land his parachute on the deck of a boat. Dropped from aircraft over the top of the screen, you fully control your snowmen so they arrive safe and sound on the boat.

Attention, all is not that simple as barriers disrupt the flight of the parachute. Lightning or helicopters for example. These will be pleased to decapitate and carve your snowmen! One solution: destroy the helicopter by repeatedly pressing it with your finger.

Its last update - 1.4 - invites you to return cameo, a character Doodle Jump! The game is offered at a promotional price of 0.79 € at the moment.

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