Thursday, December 24, 2009

Windows & Mac Equivalent

You know what is the term used on Windows but are not sure what the equivalent on a Mac. Here's a glossary to help you find what you are looking for:

Button Control : Command or "Apple key" :
Like the Control key on Windows, the Command key is used with special keyboard combinations. For example, the act of simultaneously press and hold the Command and S generally has the effect of saving a document or file.

Alt : Option Button :
Like the Alt key on Windows, Option key is used with special keyboard combinations.

Mouse (two buttons) : Mouse (single button) :
Click with your mouse Mac single button to select items such as folders and windows and to open menus. Hold the mouse button down to drag items or select multiple objects at once. To open the "menu shortcuts, hold down the Control key while clicking a desktop icon.

Close box : Close button :
The Close button closes the active window. In Mac OS X windows, this button is the leftmost of the three buttons in the upper left corner.

Exit : Exit :
Use the Exit menu of your application to exit it. (The application menu is named after it.)

Control Panel : System Preferences :
Just as the Control Panel in Windows, the System Preferences are used under Mac OS X to control the system settings. To open System Preferences, choose Apple menu> System Preferences.

Program Files : Applications folder :
Your Applications folder contains the applications and utilities Mac OS X.

Device Manager : Information System :
Use to obtain information about your computer, including related hardware, software installed, the serial number or the operating system.

Eject button for disk drive : Eject Disc :
On the Mac, it opens and closes the optical drive by pressing the eject button on the keyboard hard. To eject the disc from other types of player (or if your keyboard has no eject button hard), drag the icon of these discs in the trash.

Properties : Get Info :
Similar to Properties in Windows, the Get Info command provides information about files and documents. If you select a file and choose Get Info, you will get information about it and can set permissions and settings on the property.

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