Monday, December 7, 2009

Battle for Wesnoth (Mac) Review

About Battle for Wesnoth:
Battle for Wesnoth is a strategy game of the old school for Mac OS X. The proper use of existing resources is needed here. One should think carefully about when and where it begins what his warriors. For there is a difference whether one of those undead fights in the day or night, or whether elect a knight or a warrior elf the open field to his battlefield.

Battle for Wesnoth can be played in multiplayer mode. Both via the Internet or via LAN can be fought here. Anyone who wants can fight out with a friend as an ally against the CPU battle.

A simple graphic on the first glance difficult to imagine that this is a game with addictive handelt.Optisch it is reminiscent of an Amiga Deluxe Version eg Zelda, etc., but it is well thought out and the menu and find it quickly in the Internet connection, by the using logic as a strategy game much like chess, because it does not matter how his male characters can recommend everything together very much.

The game is very nice because you do not have as much stress as in many other, more modern strategy games.

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