Friday, December 11, 2009

Download AppZapper for Mac

AppZapper is a useful utility designed for people who want to uninstall their applications in Mac os. Not just the executable file, but also any preference files that are unnecessarily on your hard drive. Its use is childishly simple. You just move the application folder or the application itself on the AppZapper window and confirm your decision. The deletion is immediate. To avoid untoward deletions, it is possible to put applications to never delete a list of software untouchable.
With the help of AppZapper, you can have the solution to the problem of files related to applications. AppZapper allows you to find all files related to an application by a simple click and you can delete them.

Its compatible: Mac 10.4 (Tiger Intel),10.4 (Tiger Power PC),10.4 (Tiger Universal Binaries),10.5 (Leopard Intel)

Download AppZapper for Mac

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