Thursday, December 3, 2009 app for iphone is a super light utility editing image. These, once handled, can be returned in the album of the iPhone shipped on or, Sort of Flickr or Picasa, but made by Adobe.

We can upload our photos from iPhone to the account. Then we can view and retrieve our images at a later time from any Internet-connected computer. The editor Photoshop offers 2GB of disk space to each registrant. It stores over 1,500 high resolution pictures.

This utility offers a handful of basic activities, such as cropping, correcting exposure, the saturation, the change in black and white or applying effects. Nothing spectacular, but simple, the interface is well done (but always in English) and it's free. Mobile on Android was available in the United States on the home operator T-Mobile. Well Adobe just make its application available to all on the Android Market.
Obviously, do not expect miracles, it's still a small application and you probably prefer Picsay. Mobile is available on the App Store and the App Store in Europe are now entitled to Mobile.

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