Thursday, December 3, 2009

BassJump for MacBook

The Apple computers are recognizable with the latest technology in hardware time, ensuring a quality standard for its users that is what has become known worldwide to the corporation of the manzanita.

But often this technology prevents us from using components with higher benefits as a matter of space, as is the case with MacBook whose audio is very good, but being compact and portable computers can not have a Subwoofer to enhance the quality and potency of its grave.

But the solution of the labor Twelve South which presents BassJumpA really good subwoofer which has the peculiar property of being simply connected by USB, so it need not be connected to the power grid to function properly.

This accessory makes the built-in speakers in the MacBook sound even better, adding to the mix and lower midrange with this subwoofer, which is designed as a decorative as well as portable, thanks to its small size but.

By not using more wires to the USB. It saves a lot of room in the workspace. Once the software is only installed Bass Jump plug into USB port to begin to enjoy improved sound quality.

The price is currently $79 and is intended to work with MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air.

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