Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Howto Change iPhone/iPod Wallpaper & Icons

Howto Change Wallpaper & Icons [iPhone Simple Guide]

First we need two iPhone apps:
* iPhone File Manager
* Image editing program

Change the iPhone/iPod background image + Icons

Step 1:
First you create a folder on the desktop. To designate it as the theme to be called later.

Step 2:
Internet addiction a wallpaper that you like it. Scales & cut it on 320 x 480 to.
Tailored Scaled & Saves the picture in the folder to the folder at Step 1 have created.
Rename the image Wallpaper.png.

Change icons:

Step 3:
Create a second folder where Folder when they have created in Step 1. Rename the Icons

Step 4:
Create an area with GIMP or Photoshop. This must 59 x 59 Pixels in size. Now they can create any icon.
If you made an icon for e.g App Store, Then save it in Icons and nominate this icon App Store.png

How do I get the theme on my iPhone/iPod touch?

- Start the iPhone File Manager program that they have loaded.
- Go to: Library ---> Themes
- Drag the entire folder in there.

After a Respring Can with SBSettings from Cydia, the icons and the wallpaper was changed successfully.

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