Saturday, December 5, 2009

FriendSync synchronizes your address book with Facebook

Stopping more progress but also no longer stop the growth of Facebook in our lives, so you can now Synchronize the address book of your mobile phone with one of your Facebook account.

Omnigen Solutions is the company proposing the application for iPhone. FriendSync which allows you to synchronize your contacts and your Facebook address book in iPhone is one of their apps. It can displays your friend's Facebook profile pictures when your friends call on your iPhone.

Once launched FriendSync, it will ask your to login Facebook And is responsible for synchronizing your contacts with your friends' Facebook. And FriendSync will retrieve the Photo profiles, names, and dates of anniversaries of your friends to associate with your existing contacts or create new ones.

The application still has some gaps in its usability and to notify you that the synchronization is complete it is happy to refer you to the main menu of the iPhone, But I find a bug on the format of images and it seems crushed in height. No doubt the next update will repair all that.

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