Thursday, December 3, 2009

TomTom for iPhone updated

Tomtom for iphone is one of the most useful iphone applications. It can make real use of the GPS navigation system. Then the app came with a car kit making it very attractive for consumers.
Well, a few months later, TomTom is launching a free update. Incorporating major developments to make our experience in using the navigation system even better: Text to Speech, or what is being said on behalf of the streets that we or points of interest are able to control iTunes from within the app (a good solution to the inability to run the programs in the background) Functions indication lanes, junctions very useful maps and Update A radar menu access to emergency numbers Customizing alerts when we passed by radar or exceed the speed limit as you can see, the improvements are quite interesting and indicate that TomTom has not been confined to get a version of its popular browser compatible with the iPhone, but also want to keep it alive through updates.

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