Thursday, December 10, 2009

xewton music studio review iphone app

An iPhone app for music fans, producers and DJs. Would you like to go to produce music, change tracks and try a little? It's Xewton Music ...

The App Store from Apple, there is now a huge number of iPhone apps and still manage a few big to be noticed. Quality is made by flat. This includes the development of Alexander Gross "Xewton Music Studio".

With this app, it is possible to compose his own music on the iPhone that previously only possible with an expensive PC software and audio hardware. The Xewton Music Studio offers over 21 different musical instruments that have been professionally recorded in a recording studio. The musical instruments are operated on a 85-key keyboard. The keyboard can slide through and pinch gestures, even while playing, be scrolled and zoomed. Among the 21 musical instruments are among others: drums, piano, cello, alto saxophone, electric bass, 3-D Guitar, 3 synths and etc.

The app has four real-time effects, reverb, delay, a 128-track sequencer, a Score Editor and many other functions that are displayed on the user-friendly interface. In addition, you can stack one above the two keyboards, and then play two instruments simultaneously. In the case of a call, the project is automatically saved to suffer any loss of data. If a project is finished, it is possible to export the software with the song in the wav format.

First, the truly "professional"-looking price falls to just under $ 15. For iPhone, the situation is already quite a lot and the expectations high.

After the start, these expectations are not disappointed. Sections of 7 points to the program that you can switch at the top. The first is an on-screen keyboard, with which you can play instruments live, or record immediately.

In the second section can be selected to the instruments. Of these, there are a total of 21, which is not exactly outstanding, but should simply be orchestrated songs erstmal sufficient. The classical acoustic instruments are in the majority. There are exactly 3 synth sounds (Fat Synth Lead, Synth bass and Dream Pad). Unfortunately, the sound editing and not particularly good. In addition to attack and release can be set anything. The sound of the instruments for iPod ratios very well. Of course, no comparison with good libraries for professional software such as NI contact on PC and Mac.

The new music app by Alexander Gross is not just for amateur musicians. Xewton Music Studio is THE app for spontaneous music-productions.

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