Saturday, December 19, 2009

Twitter 360 iPhone 3Gs app locate through augmented reality

Twitter 360 is a Twitter client for iphone that lets you see through the camera of your iPhone 3GS, which are around you the people you follow on Twitter. To do this, the application takes advantage of geolocation data from the recently integrated social network.

Twitter 360 is thus at first like a conventional Twitter client. Two additional views are available. However the first is thus based on the concept of augmented reality. And if you are near a contact that Twitter accepts that the site uses its geographical information, you can see it appear superimposed on what you shoot with your iPhone.

The second mode, which is ultimately the most practical, is integrated with Google Maps. On the map, you find again the location of your Twitter contacts. That should delight Twitter addicts, especially in urban centers such as Paris, where one has a good chance of being close to some of his contacts. Here is a short video presentation, and since we are talking about Twitter, you are invited to take account of the iPhone Blog, to be kept informed in real time of the publication of new articles.

Twitter 360 is a super practical application to meet his followers and followings in real life. Twitter 360 is sold only $3 on the App Store. Try it!

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