Wednesday, December 9, 2009

How to store phone numbers with attachments

This tip can be very useful for you.

Although almost all have cell phones and when we want to communicate with someone, we always call it directly. There are always cases in which some contact gives us his work number, and enclosure (unless the General Manager and has direct number).

Well, this tip is to keep the numbers with the annexes to the mark. First contact the plant, and then automatically dial the Annex. It's simple, just have to put a pause between the main number and the Annex. To do this, they are within the Application Contacts. And wish to add a number to any of them, at the bottom left (the first picture you see above left) will see a key that gives them another view (the second photo the arriva see right), and there or symbols is a button that says Pause, Which will add a comma and a space, and then return to the menu number to add the annex. And presto, the next time they call, the iPhone will automatically pause and then dial the stored Annex and communicate with the desired person.

I hope you find it useful.

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