Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ravensword: The Fallen King iphone game review

While the iPhone has shown the world as one of the best multimedia phones with features and benefits that exceed the standards, lacking an application that demonstrates the real potentialof iPhone and iPod Touch as video games and video game platform concerns.

Now you are no need to wait anymore, because with Ravensword: The Fallen King we play one of the best RPGs truly amazing graphics. But not only because besides having a rich history, as most good RPG, Has a duration that exceeds ten hours of gameplay.

This game mixes several genres of games with the role, such as adventure games and action games to create a game really entertaining and addictive, with lots of enemies, weapons, armor, items, and many other things.

The soundtrack to this game comes out with the power of the iPhone making to put ourselves fully into this adventure you can play both first and third person.

The price of this game also makes it very attractive, being only $8, making it an excellent choice to turn your iPhone into a Gaming Platform quality.

It's good to see how the Apple phone is catching the attention of programmers and game developers, because the results of this combination are often helpful for both sides.

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